Trouble with autopilot

I am having some issues using the autopilot. I really don’t know what is wrong, but everytime i turn on the autopilot (Example: I want to stat at… Let’s say 10000 feet. When i press the “ALT” button to let the autopilot keep me around the 10k feet, then instantly the altitude i coded in, just changes to a different number. This means that i can’t use the autopilot at all, exept if i enable it, and then after, start coding in. This happens with all the other autopilot things asswell (Speed, V/S etc.) Can you help solving this?

That’s how it works you have to out autopilot on then select your heading or altitude, it’s annoying but I think it will be changed in the next update

Strange. I’ve just seen videos where they didn’t have to do that.

Is it really supposed to do this? It seems really strange if you ask me.

Thank you. And… Wow, I am really dissapointed about this. I just thought that it was a setting, I couldn’t find… 😕

All autopilot options do this except altitude.

Assuming flying manually, autopilot off.
If you select VS / vertical speed function first, then the desired altitude hold number, it should keep the original desired altitude the same and not change it.

It is indeed a unusual issue with Altitude hold. It’s going to change soon. When you are climbing or descending you’ll be able to enter the desired altitude then when you turn it on, the aircraft will continue at the vertical speed you were manually holding until it reaches the altitude input. For example climbing from a current altitude while holding about +2000 FPM vertical speed, then select 30,000 feet, when you enable the Altitude hold, the aircraft will continue toward the set alt at the rate of climb that was being held. After that, adjust the alt or vertical speed as needed. Some older aircraft may bob a bit first, but newer aircraft like the Dash 8 should have a calm or seamless transition from manual to auto. Lot of nice improvements on the way soon. Hang in there. :)


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