Trouble Understanding Winds & Crab Angles

If the winds are coming from the left… then why the heck is my crab angle facing towards the right?

Wind pushes tail, tail swings, front of aircraft points into direction of wind. Winds are from right and not left (i.e from right to left at 260°)


Your tail catches the most wind, that’s why.- :)

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The winds are coming from the right, not left. You’re heading south (182) and the winds are coming from the west (260). Winds are always listed from the direction they are coming from. The arrow shows the direction they are blowing towards.

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Ohhh. Thanks @MishaCamp @Codeman!

I always thought the wind pushes your nose. Now I’m one step closer to getting to know the Cirrus, and other aircraft in general.

This is why you’ve gotta love this community. You learn something new every day. :)


That sounds about right, but I’ve never had to apply more than a three to four degree course correction to adjust my track. You just have to play with it and watch your “x-trk” indicator to adjust your heading.

You see…if you have that initialized, it makes it easier to gauge how much correction to make by watching the rate at which your course variation changes. Once you have it dialed in as close as you can get it, you should only have to make small charges to keep yourself close.

@FlyFi… MaxSez: Just follow the bouncing ball ! Slips & Cradding are covered


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