Trouble signing back into old account

Hello I’m Shane blackerby callsign N583PM I’m having trouble signing back into my account with a subscription is there anyway you can help?

Hey. Have a Look at This :)

Make sure you are using the correct Login credentials that you used to purchase the subscription with when logging in… if it’s still not working, I suggest maybe just making a new account then Contact Mark Denton or Tyler Shelton so they can move your current subscription to your new account @Shane_Blackerby

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I’m sorry sir!!! But every time I click on that it goes to some odd website or says not to be found thank you!!

Oh, Okay…

Could you provide a screenshot, device specifications, and software… The screenshot will help us the most :)



In addition to what Brandon is asking for:

In the end I think only Moderators can solve this one because they have to go and find your info on the backend and possibly merge the accounts. Provide the info that Brandon is asking for and stand by for a mod.

They’ll be with you shortly.

I’m very sorry I’m new to this support website I’m 14 years old I have a iPhone 7 I’ll send a screenshot of what it’s saying here’s my info if it’s useful

Shane Blackerby

Callsign: N583PM


Woah! No, you don’t need to put your details up!

That’s my public email

But every time I try to log into my private Facebook account it shows that every single time previous image

Make sure you are using the same account that you used to purchase the subscription to log in…

If the issue still persists, contact @Tyler_Shelton with:

Full Username
Subscription Receipt