Trouble Makers

Come in from work, decided to enjoy a few flights before bed and this idiot will not let me be. Kept following me and crashing into me midair, I kept reporting him/her and nothing happened. Some people just get on IF to spoil someone’s day, I pay a lot of money for my subscription, should I not enjoy it in peace? You know yourself, next time I shall name and shame.

(@Ani67). I Fly an F/A-18 in SoCal periodically Call Sign: Scar007. I launch from Miramar and sweep the Region over water 20 miles off shore looking for fighter to hassle with. If there are no fighters up I run intercepts on Heavies but always brake off when he turns red. If I’m the guy who spoiled your day, which is a possibility, and if it was not today, I apologize. If it happens again report him/her as you did utilizing the on screen button, get his/her data from the radar repeater and ID him/her by Call Sign on this forum. We gotta police our own and call them the way we see them. It’s a good thing! Regards Max Sends


It’s a shame, and annoying. I feel your pain, as I’m sure many others do also, but there’s always going to be troublemakers. It’s almost always the same person or people who can’t get over themselves and just want attention. Just try to ignore them. Or lure them into a controlled airspace in the hopes a vigilant controller will set them right. Don’t feed the trolls. Can’t ever really fully get rid of them all. Just nod and smile like you would a small child acting up. :)

Who ever was in the f16 about this time yesterday in the playground in KSAN was really bugging a lot of people. I was on approach and he went back and forth at 100 ft on the runway right over people. I reported him I think anyway I don’t know if you can as atc in the playground. But it started bugging me for everyone else. And your right @DIsraelFDS you can’t feed the trolls.

Not much you can do except maybe use the Advanced ATC server instead. It’s not easy, but if you try to just block them out like they aren’t even there it helps. Takes some getting used to.

Disclaimer: THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL! Don’t take this the wrong way.

Remember that guy who bullied you in school because you liked aviation? Well forget that the troll exists. Just keep going about your business. If the troll wishes to pursue you, report him once then keep flying. Waste the troll’s time by ignoring him. You are letting the troll win if you get frustrated-He wants you to be frustrated and angry just like the school bully.

Long live the DC-9!


@Maxmustang, it wasn’t an F-18, it was a B747-8. To tell you how stupid this person was, they still had their landing light on and gears deployed at 15,00ft. I don’t mind people following at a distance and it’s actually cool sometimes when a fighter jet comes close and speeds away but to be crashing into me with a B747 is out of order.

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What does reporting do? Does it allow you to comment? Thanks!

I really don’t know what it does, I thought being on the Advanced ATC it could result in ghosting if they saw what was going on but nothing happened.

Reporting makes the user invisible however it takes three users to report them before it ghosts them. And really I don’t want to tell how but there is a way around it but it’s best they don’t know how.

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