Trouble loading in my landing stats

Hello, I’ve landed the 737-800 twice in casual server with all four wheels touching the runway with a complete stop as well, I’m trying to get grade 2, but the only thing holding me back it’s my landings, it won’t go into my landing stats, anyone have an answer to this?

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Have you made sure that your on the ground for at least 5-10 seconds?

Are you connected to the internet. If you internet drops out when you landed and reconnects when you have already did the touch and go, it won’t count it. This happened to me before a long time ago, so maybe Infinite Flight could have fixed it by now 🤔

You don’t have to be on the ground for 5-10 seconds. That wouldn’t be a touch and go, but a go around. Make sure that all wheels touch, and then go up again. Also, the landing system has a little glitch. So make sure to do at least one more landing to ensure the stats are uploaded.

Yes, I’ve contacted the atc as well before I take off, I landed twice on casual server and ended flight and loads up saying I never landed

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I’m pretty sure this happens sometimes and takes a bit to actually be shown on your account at times correct me if I’m wrong. I think if you close and restart your device it may update. I have to say though it’s odd that it never said you landed after your flight. Is it not saying you landed after you quit the flight and get the flight report?

I understand it’s very weird, and when I end flight it just tells me my time I flew but when I check to see when I’ll be grade 2, it shows 0 landings out of 25

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Just to make sure I’m doing everything correctly, I load infinite flight, load in on a random airport on casual server, go to the runway then I take off, land on another airport runway, land and taxi to parking, end flight, is there something I’m doing wrong to not get my landing stats?

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you don’t even have to taxi, doing touch and goes (landing on the runway, moving down the runway back up to takeoff speed, and taking off again, with the TBM, my personal favorite, landing around 80 kts, resetting flaps to takeoff, then accelerating up to 100 kts to takeoff ) count as long as all wheels are touching the runway for a few seconds (ie, don’t be bouncing along the runway)

Okay thank you very much, will try it, I think the problem is that I’m only doing one landing and getting off after, I’ll try multiple landings this time

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