Trouble landing the A320 in crosswinds

Hey IFC! I’m really enjoying the A320 live instruments. The only problem is that during a crosswind landing I always drift to the left/right. Is there any tips you could give to successfully land the A320 in a crosswind?

You should check out the #tutorials category. But here are a few tips.

You should fly manually, don’t be afraid as it’s easier in my opinion to land manually.

Don’t let the winds control you, align with the runway.

And just treat it like another landing!

Hope this helps!

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Hi there:)
I recommend that you use the rudder to hold your aircraft in what is known as the ‘crab angle.’
Then, once you hit around 30 feet, bring the rudder even again to regain a perfect centerline. I deeply recommend watching this IF tutorial:

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@Brenden_Hirsch. MaxSez: “KISS” is the Key. Research the Terms “ Crab” and “Slip” on the Web. Understand these procedures and practice them, use the HUD initially and fly the “Ball” (Vector)) it compensates wind speed and direction)
The Rudder defection alone is insufficient in any Aircraft in a cross or quartering wind. An “Aileron”/Rudder combination is required.
The Windward Wing must be defected downward or you “Kite”

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Big tip, there is a green diamond on the headin gindicator on the luve instruments. That indicates the tracking direction. Once you are aligned with ILS you want to keep the green diamond aligned with the pink line.


I totally agree with @ButterAllDay when flying manually, you can get used to what position your hand must be in or joystick if you’re using a joystick

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@Gamer_100 yep I always hand fly all of my landings.

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Same the only time when I don’t is when it’s low visibility

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