Trouble landing on a crosswind

its getting a bit annoying when taking off in an aircraft and it suddenly pulls to the left or right… even when using some rudder you really dont know what side its going to pull to, this makes takeoff very difficult… this even happens with little to no wind… does this happen in real aviation world?

Yes. It’s called crosswinds. However, if there’s little to no wind, you haven’t rotated yet and you’re past your rotation speed.

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Do you calibrate before take-off?

i know about the crosswind but the sharp turns before rotation speeds make it super difficult to control the aircraft

yea before takeoff

I just tested this, and this is only happening to me once I’m going too fast.

what aircraft did you used

The A333, B738, and DH8D.

What types of aircraft does this happen, like @Altaria55 said, the plane turns if you take-off going too fast. It is also normal for turbo-pop aircrafts to turn on take-off depending on what direction the propellor turns(left or right).

Is your auto coordination ticked or not ticked

i use much smaller aircraft like tbm c208 c172 and sr22

its not ticked

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Also since those planes are smaller and lighter, they tend to be more affected by wind, even the slightest of winds.


I have experienced it as well. We have a thread dedicated for the appropriate takeoff and landing speeds. All Aircraft Take Off and Landing Speeds, this should assist you in finding the appropriate takeoff speed varying on your aircraft. If you veer off to the right or left during takeoff, then you have gone too fast for rotation and will need to either abort takeoff, or compensate.

In the event of a crosswind takeoff, you will need to compensate with your rudder to keep your aircraft straight. Before you takeoff, check the weather. If you need more assistance, follow this video.

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in my opinion there’s no way 13mph wind should give any of those aircraft that sharp turn during takeoff

Anything is possible. However, it sounds like you went to fast for rotation. What was your speed when you veered off? The ideal speed for a Q400 rotation is about 120 knots. If you are in a GA aircraft, you should rotate at about 50-90, varying on aircraft.

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With absolutely no input this is pretty realistic. Proper aileron and rudder input on takeoff roll prior to rotation is a must.

If you do it reactively you’re already too late and will experience what you’re seeing now. Try out solo mode to start so that you can make small adjustments to weather as you practice. 🙂


i fly the Q400 alot before i reach 115 120 the aircraft starts pulling left or right

Are you turning your ailerons (device) into the wind or countering the wind with rudder before rotation?

Edit: If no, refer back to my previous response. Also, this article explains the process and procedure really well:


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