Trouble keeping aircraft stable when flying manual.

Hello everyone.

I have been having issues whenever I fly manual. I can never keep the aircraft stable and still. It’s always bouncing around. I try turning my sensitivity down but then I can’t keep control easily. I don’t know what to do here. Please help!

Thanks :)

The other wasn’t working so I made a new one.

Were you in adverse weather? (Head/Tailwind)


No, I just mean in general. Any plane, any weather, any conditions. I just can’t keep the nose to stay at the same or close pitch.

When does this happen? Takeoff, Cruise, Landing?

You are either too fast or not fast enough. We really need more information to help you out. Type of aircraft, speed, flap settings, spoiler settings, weight, trim. All these play a pivotal role in addressing your issue

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Anytime I’m flying manual really.

Like I said before:

It’s happens anytime I’m flying manual.

Then stop moving the yoke back and forth. Set the trim for a specific speed, and use the throttle to control your altitude.

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I’m not moving it, thats my issue… Thanks for the suggestion though :)

maybe you’re too fast? usually landing speed is 160knts

Then you are overspeeding the aircraft. Or close to a stall.

I land at the speed that the aircraft is meant for :)

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So what should I be going at or around?

Depends on the aircraft so it’s hard to say.

It maybe the weight as well

Let’s just say, 737? A320? 787? (Sorry)