Trouble in landing

Everytime I’m at final approach the app freezes and then it closes, I can’t see my In Flight Operations result and this is pretty annoying since I can’t have a progress in my VA because I can’t finish any flight!!!

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What device do you have. And what are your settings during the flight.

iPhone Xr, landing manually

So you answered one of my questions. Settings. Rendering quality, and the resolution.
What are those set too for your flights.

I’ll try, hope it works!

Thank you :)

i haven’t suggested anything. I’ve asked you a question twice. And you haven’t given me a response.
I’ll just give you some tips.
Soft restart your device before you start a flight.
Lower your graphic settings.
Don’t have any apps in the background running. Uses more ram, in terms can cause a device to crash.
and because you’re using a phone, i suspect it’s your main device. So don’t leave the app at any point during your flight. Don’t take a call nothing. Again don’t have any app other then IF open when flying. Should reduce the risks of crashing by a bit.


Sorry, misunderstood the question, I used to have all the settings in High, just changed them to medium.

Again thanks for the help


There should be no issues running on high graphic settings on an iPhone XR. I believe the cause for the crashes are due to a memory leak present in the current version of Infinite Flight. This should be fixed in the next update.

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The team is still looking for the source as it’s extremely hard for them to replicate. There’s no news when it’ll be fixed. And @LordZakCreaser a reinstall is the last thing that’s needed. Considering it’s a known issue with apple devices crashing. A reinstall wouldn’t do much but save maybe a meer hours of the first flights. Best thing was what i already suggested to the OP. It’s an on-going investigation from the dev team. They will update us when they can.

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Did I say it will be fixed? I was providing advice to OP that didn’t require a secondary input.

Have you checked this?

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