Trouble Getting To 32,000ft

My aircraft stalls when I try and get to 32,000ft, does anybody have a solution?

Can you be more specific like what aircraft,Speed,Weight Etc.

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Was it the a320 family? If so they already know about it

The B737 and i was going at 340 knots

I’m assuming you were most likely to heavy then in that case

Or he could have been too steep

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This will most likely be because your VS is too high. As you get higher up, the air gets thinner, so you should decrease your VS and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Can I get that high in a heavy aircraft? @Pilot999

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It was at 1400vs @Luke

It could be due to weight and lack of air up their, the issue may be resolved hopefully soon.

Yes. You should climb at around 270 kts at a V/S of about 2700 - 3000. And cruise at about 300 kts not 340

No. That’s too steep for above 30,000ft.

After takeoff then slightly start to pitch the nose down as you get higher?

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Yes, that’s correct, but at 30,000 he should be at maybe 1800 V/S Maximum I believe.

Alright! I never used to go over 30,000 in the old one you see so I didn’t know. Thanks for the advice even though I didn’t ask the question about trouble getting to 32,000

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Funny because I’m right now climbing to 33,000 and I’m not experiencing this problem.

Actually it’s the other way around. The higher the altitude, the thinner the air.

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Often IRL aircraft won’t go above 29,000-30,000 if they’re right at MTOW. Stay lower

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