Trouble during landing

Hi all,

A couple months ago I’ve received a violation for taxi overspeed, however this is not 100% correct.

What actually happened was a manual landing on an F22 which I found myself in a bit of trouble and lost direction control, therefore I came off the runway for a period of time whilst trying to gain control again.

I do kindly ask if the team could improve this matter in some form, perhaps apply the violation when actually on taxi ways.

Many thanks

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Maybe your sensitivity is a bit to high
The F22 is a sensitive plane.

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It is indeed, is always a good challenge and I like that.

however the focus point here is regarding the violation it self while landing, I guess you will either go around, end your session or land more straight…

I honestly believe I’m not the only one that faced this.

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This is a compromise we had to make earlier for people running berzerk with fighters doing 1000kts on the ground and other generally dumb things.

Sorry it happened to you this way though.



Thanks for the explanation, all makes more sense now.
Do you think this would be a good challenge for the developers ( next update 😉) ?


It’s an on/off situation. Not sure how we can work around that to be fair. It used to be as you suggested, didn’t work out.

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Just saying, if you can’t come to a stop within 20 secs you should probably be going around anyways for landing too fast


It also happened to me, I was landing with a crosswind on a narrow runway, and while I was braking the plane, I got a little off the runway while regaining control.

I wonder if the perimeter could not be widened on the sides of the runway (not too much for them to do crazy things around) but if to mortify any failure during landing.

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I disagree because you should not be flying a plane on live if you have trouble with it. You can’t just go off the runway in real life. Fly the aircraft on solo for a while



I disagree with your disagreement.
I understand what you saying however accidents happen to best pilots, think we can both agree on that.

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Ok I see but the runway is where your supposed to land


Absolutely right, but like @InfiniteFlightGeek mentioned about the controls beeing sensitive, there is so many factors while you doing a manual landing specially when on a small airplane like the F22, it won’t be always perfect, I wont be always perfect.

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