Trouble Connecting to Servers

I’m having some trouble connecting to servers. I’ve tried closing and reopening the app, turning wifi off and then on, restarting router and still no joy is there anything going on within the app i am not aware of as to why i’m not connecting?

What are your device specs?

appreciate the concern the problem no longer exists thanks though!


@Carson Please close! :)

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Flag don’t tag. ;)

But that makes them get a flag on their profile, reducing the chance of being a regular. :/

why flag all i did was have a question!?

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I know, that’s what I wondered. :/

It’s just a general rule - flag the post, don’t tag a moderator. If @TopChaa gets flagged with the spam or offensive flag, it decreases his chances of becoming a regular. Normal flags are fine and won’t affect his rank.

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Flags are counted against regular if a moderator agrees with it (presses the agree button). Type of flag is irrelevant, they’re all the same.