Trouble connecting to server

Hello I am having trouble connecting to the server and my WiFi/internet connection is working perfectly fine on every other app What should I do?

Can you provide some more details?

What device are you on?
What part is not connecting?
Are you getting any error messages?
Have you rebooted your device?

I am on an iPad Air 3 I cant access multiplayer and It’s just saying can’t access the server and yes I have reebooter my device

Is it giving you the error on the loading screen or on another screen?

Are you able to fly on Solo?

Are you using a VPN?

I’ve not had an error message it just says unable to connect I can fly on solo and no I don’t use a vpn

So you are referring to the red x in the corner? Sorry for all the questions.

and then this confused me.

A screen shot would be great.

No I just can’t even get on to the airport and plane selection screen to multiplayer it just says unable to connect to server

Oh I have just been able to get back on after my 5th reeboot