Tropicana times

hey, I’m going to keep this short:
I did a flight, app crashed. Now I’m sad because it was all my fault. After that I made some photos, and you can view them here.

Route: Male-N/A
Server: Training
Plane: a350

Thanks for viewing.

And for the people that are dissapointed that they didn’t see the Tropicana juice. Here it is:


Nice photos, but most importantly my thirst has been quenched.


thanks, I hope it was delicious


Ah, the third pic was the best!

Jokes aside love the sun bouncing off the fuselage!

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Thanks, I think the sun is really beautiful when slowly setting.

but let’s all admit it, the third one is just, amazing

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My thirst has been quenched. And great photos!

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Good, stay hydrated.
And thanks ;)

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