Tropical Storm Nicole Tracking Thread

Subtropical storm Nicole is a system developing east of the Bahamas. It is expected to strengthen into a Hurricane and hit Florida by late Wednesday night hitting the Miami area in southeast Florida.
Currently winds in the subtropical storm are 40mph stretching out for 270 miles past the storm.

Some may ask how this relates to Infinite Flight. You can simulate hurricane hunting or challenge yourself to land in a storm. Also you can just enjoy the turbulence while flying through it.

Daily Updates

Monday November 7th. Subtropical storm Nicole is currently west of the Bahamas moving east at 9mph. It is expected to hit the Bahamas early Wednesday at 7AM EST harboring 70mph winds. Late Wednesday night it is expected to hit the Miami area with 75mph winds then from there it will weaken.

Tuesday November 8th. Nicole has now been upgraded to a Tropical Storm status from being a Sub Tropical storm yesterday. The storm is currently 350 miles east of the Bahamas and has winds of 50mph. the storm is moving West at 8mph. Nicole is expected to make landfall in Florida Late Wednesday to Early Thursday as a Cat 1 hurricane.

Wednesday November 9th. Tropical storm Nicole is now over the Bahamas with winds of 70mph. It is expected to make landfall early tomorrow morning with 75mph winds as barely a cat 1 hurricane. It is moving west at 13mph currently.

Thursday November 10th. Hurricane Nicole is currently a Cat 1 hurricane that is hitting southeast Florida. It currently has winds of 75mph and is expected to weaken from here on.

Friday November 11th. Nicole is now down to a tropical depression over Alabama with relatively weak winds.


I support flying the Hurricane Hunter Missions, in real life they save lives and property.

But playing flying in Hurricane force winds to see if you can do it , is insulting to those of who have survived Hurricane Ian and have seen our communities destroyed. With Nicole approaching Florida we are very concerned with the damage even a Tropical Storm can do to us again.

The damage assesment in the Billions here and over 125 dead.

This is about the same as saying lets fly into the Ukraine during their conflict and struggle to survive.

I lived weeks without electricity , water and connectivity, plus had to evacuate not knowing if my home and everything I own would be there to return too.

150 mph winds and gusts to 195 for over 4 hours
isn’t a game.

Maybe we should drop Hurricane monitoring from IFC. I have lived through 30 years of them and Ian was by far the worst.

Nicole will still create havoc

Everything is locked down tight during the storm.

Think about that


MCO is shutting down tomorrow at 2022-11-09T21:00:00Z

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I completely understand what you mean here. I dont deny that hurricanes are devastating and sad but the whole point of IRL weather in IF is so that you can simulate what real pilots fly through. I make these threads because people enjoy flying into hurricanes and other extreme weather scenarios. If you want to talk further we should DM.


I just wanted to reach out to the IF community and wish that all of you Central and Southern Floridians stay safe from Hurricane/Tropical storm Nicole.

Have a great day and stay safe!


I have school off tomorrow but JAX operations aren’t affected yet.

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