Tropical storm conditions in SoCal

I would like to point out before I begin that this was a topic by someone else about the in-game weather ( Flying Through Hurricane Force Winds ) This one is talking about the real world recent weather on 1/20/17-1/24/17 from someone who expirienced these conditions in person, just to clarify for the people that like to call out duplicate posts :)

Some of you (especially those on training Server) might have found out that the easy, mellow, coastline conditions in the SoCal region have brought on new extreme conditions with winds at 25 knots. And for those of you that don’t live around Southern California, we are being hit by a tropical storm.

Some that live in Seattle, New England, etc. might be thinking that this is no big deal. Well, considering that SoCal is in a severe drought, and we are getting flash flood warnings from the city of San Diego, I’d call this pretty extreme.

In fact, this storm is so bad, my friend’s Truck almost got washed down the street (well, he parked near a storm drain, so I’m making it seem a little more extreme than it may sound).

You could call this a mini hurricane. Friday evening, we got one inch of rain every hour. Yeah, it was pretty bad, and this is California we are talking about.

My friend’s dad is a pilot for southwest, and he is really happy that it is raining, so he took the next few days off so he could get home for the weekend, and he wasn’t so crazy about flying a 747 in the windy conditions.

My advice for those beginners that are frustrated with the conditions: stay out of Southern California region until Tuesday. You will get a bad first glance at an amazing some of the “pros” on here find these conditions difficult.

Stay safe and happy landings!


I’m afraid you are confused. That topic is about the in-game weather. I’m referring to the real world weather pattern.

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Yesss, finally the swarm of grade 2s and 1s will finally disperse and find new homes.


Yeah haha 😄

Sorry! Didn’t read the whole topic!

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Coming from an amateur meteorologist, you are not being hit by a tropical storm. A tropical storm is a counter-clockwise swirling storm system with a low pressure center with sustained winds of at least 39 MPH or more. Although you may be getting those winds, trust me there is no Tropical Storm going on there. It is all spread out.

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Sure, true. It is a very unusual weather pattern though, the guy is right, I’ve never seen it like this here. Yesterday we had probably 2ft of water at the intersection at the end of our street, the storm drains won’t be able to take it all when it starts raining again tomorrow.

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This affected me so much last night flying in socal. This however made my training bit more competitive to say thw least.

Wow the weather is getting really crazy, and did you mean a 737?

Yeah I’m not meteorologist, that is for sure! I got that conclusion based on my location 34 miles north of Mexico. Thanks and I will change that immediately.

At least you will get more exp!

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That’s what my friend told me. I think people that don’t really have an interest in planes put them in three categories: “Airbus”, “Boeing”, and “747”. I think he is probably one of those people. So it probably is a 737.

Yeah. Its not good here at all for Traffic, especially the people that can’t drive in the rain!

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