Tropical 305 Fly-In to KMIA 291400ZFEB20

Get ready for 305 🌴😎

Miami International Airport (IATA: MIA , ICAO: KMIA , FAA LID: MIA ), also known as MIA and historically as Wilcox Field , is the primary airport serving the Miami area, Florida, United States, with over 1,000 daily flights to 167 domestic and international destinations, and one of three airports serving this area. The airport is in an unincorporated area in Miami-Dade County, 8 miles (13 km) northwest of Downtown Miami, in metropolitan Miami,[4]adjacent to the cities of Miami and Miami Springs, and the village of Virginia Gardens. Nearby are the cities of Hialeah and Doral, and the Census-designated place of Fontainebleau.
Do you love Miami? Why Miami? Because it is the largest city and famous city in Florida to be in. When you come to Miami, you will enjoy the calm and peaceful beaches across Miami. Thus, I live in Miami because it is a tropical environment. So if any one of you feel bored staying in the Central United States or daydreaming about going on vacation and even stuck in a cold city to where you want to escape the cold, then Miami will the your bet.

  • Aircraft: Airbus A319, A320, A321, A340-600, A380
    Boeing 737-700, 737-800, 747-400, 757-200, 767-300, 777-200ER, 777-300ER, 787-9
    Embraer E175
    : Air Canada, Air France, American Airlines, American Eagle (Envoy Air), Avianca Airways, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Delta Airlines, Frontier (Hugh the Manatee), LATAM, Lufthansa Airlines, Swiss, United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic

  • **Time of Departure: 2020-02-29T14:00:00Z

  • Server: Expert Server


  • Additional Information: Please spawn in 15 minutes before the starting of the Flight. You guys can fly from anywhere as long as you’re flying to Miami. Do not pushback until it is announced at 9:00 AM. When you get to Miami, wait until everyone is at the gate then it will be announced when the event will close. Be at your best behavior and make sure you do not cut in line. Are you guys ready to have fun?
    Flight Aware

From Atlanta (KATL)

Concourse T
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
T7 Delta A321
T9 American A319
T11 American E175
(Envoy Air) (Generic)
T12 American 737-800

Concourse A
A19 Delta A321
A20 Delta 737-800

Concourse B
B1 Delta 737-800
B2 Delta A321

Concourse D
D1 Frontier A320
(Hugh the Manatee)
D25 American E175
(Envoy Air)

From New York (KJFK)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
Terminal 2
C61 Delta A321
C64 Delta A321
C67 Delta A321

Terminal 8
02 American 737-800
05 American 767-300
35 American A321
36 American 757-200
47 American 737-800

From Los Angeles (KLAX)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
Terminal 4
42A American A321
45 American A321
46C American A321
47B American A321
49A American A321

From London Heathrow (EGLL)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
Terminal 3
316 Virgin 787-9
327 American 777-300ER

Terminal 5
536 British 747-400 @Udeme_
Airways Ekpo

From Paris Charles De Gaulle (LFPG)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
Terminal 2A
A08 American 777-200ER

Terminal 2E
E26 Air France A380

From Kingston (MKJP)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
04 American 737-800
06 Caribbean 737-800

From Chicago O’Hare (KORD)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
Terminal 1
B06 United 737-700
B08 United A320
C15 United A320

Terminal 3
H14 American A321
H15 American A321
H16 American A321
H18 American 737-800
K4 American 737-800
K6 American 737-800
K9 American A321

From St. Maarten (TKPK)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
02 American 737-800

From Santiago (SCEL)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
18 LATAM 787-9
C02 American 777-200ER

From Bogota (SKBO)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
24 Avianca A320

From Montreal (CYUL)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
73 Air Canada 767-300
81 American 737-800

From Frankfurt (EDDF)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
Terminal 1
A16 Lufthansa A340-600

From Zurich (LSZH)

Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
E19 Swiss 777-300ER


We appreciate your post here, but the event needs to be in 3 hours. For more information be sure to check out this post, as it will give you everything you need to know. Thanks😊


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Hello @Udeme_Ekpo this seems like an awesome event, however there are certain guidelines that need to be followed,

You cannot do gate assignments in Group flights but you can post it in events,

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Plus this event needs to be 3 hours prior to departure

Thus there is a better way of posting gates with a proper format

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I’d love to attend but it’s too early 🙁