Tropic Air C208 Grand Caravan

Hello everybody!

Tropic Air is a Belizean-based commuter airline that serves some of the smaller communities and towns throughout Belize. They are based in San Pedro, a city in Belize located in the Corozal district. They employ a fleet of 15 aircraft, 11 of which are the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan. I would love to see a C208 with the beautiful Tropic Air livery, as I recently edited almost every single small airport throughout Belize.
Take a look at the beautiful livery!

And here is the extensive route map!

I hope I can get your vote, so we can see this wonderful aircraft in IF in the future!

Great looking livery. The C208 could stand some serious love from the developers. Appreciate your efforts on airport editing.


I read an article about this airline in a aviation magazine, it sounds like a nice airline

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I am flying this airline in a couple of days! I hope it lives up to the standards! 😂

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Voted! The C208 is a lovely plane and this livery would really help exploring Belize realistically instead of using a boring generic livery.

I have voted. This last January I flew Tropic Air to San Pedro from Belize city. Beautiful flight!

Thank you for all of your your work as an editor. Belize is so beautiful Andrew under appreciated in IF. I’m not sure if you know this but the San Pedro airport has 2 airports over it in IF. This includes two overlapping runways, glide-slopes, and markings. Quite confusing to fly into!


Gonna vote for this, was the first belizean airline I’ve flown to cape caulker, I hate the San Pedro boat service

Omg yes please as a Belizean I always travel to the small islands in the game just to simulate it @HiFlyer if you ever need help with pictures or anything just let me know I have access to a few airports
One suggestion for the editors in the CUK airport the runway is like sinked in with hills on the side IRL is not like that the runway is actually elevated with drainage on the side

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Its nice to know you have been to my island I live in Caye Caulker

how was your trip to belize?

It was amazing! I really enjoyed my time there!

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when will you be back?

Look what I saw today

Pictures not the best lol

Took this pic back in 2018

Would love to see it in the game!

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