Tropic air C208 40 years of service

I just came back from belize
The other day, and while boarding my flight to
Miami, I saw this pull up

What do you think?

what is Tropic Air Belize
Tropic air is a belizean airline, based it off MBZE
Founded in 1979

It has its outrageous love for the C208.

With currently 14 destinations

It won trivago’s travelers choice in 2019, and 2020

This livery was introduced in 2019.

I love the Colors

uhmmm, i guess its fine

Add some detail about the airline if you can

and also call it Tropic Air C208 40 years of service

This livery is really original, I like it^^

Unfortunately that’s the Cessna 208B, not the one we have in game, so I suggest you make a feature request for that aircraft variant first.

I don’t know if they have a C208 version, but, if they do, then I’m definitely behind the livery feature!

What’s the difference?

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That looks amazing 🤩

The C208 has 3 blades, the C208B, and the picture, have 4.

I feel like the fuselage stretch is a little bit more prominent :p

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This is Incorrect.

The C208 has 3 blades. The C208B has 3 blades. The C208EX has 4. What we have in app is the C208B. The C208 is a tad shorter than what we have in IF. We could say that the naming in IF is incorrect but its an older aircraft and could be changed upon a rework if pushed. The C208EX has a more powerful engine than the 208B and 208.

This feature request will stay.


My apologies, I guess my research was incorrect, thank you for clearing that up.

@Icelandair_TeamICE Sorry if I might have confused you about your feature topic. I am 100% behind this and I hope it gets added in the future.


The tail looks like an president aircraft

Why not the whole c208 rework