Trolls on Training server

Hey everyone! Today I was controlling KLAX on the training server and there was this player that he would just come and do whatever he wants and run over people like as if he’s the only person in the server. I know that there’s nothing we can do about it but, it is truly frustrating to not only myself but to the players who are just trying to be professional and have a good time, but can’t thanks to people like in this situation that have nothing else to do than just run over players and pretend they don’t exist. I just get so disturb because it’s just not fair to them the players who are actually trying to be professional. Here’s a pic from the session that shows his display name. If there is any way an admin or someone could report this player please do, if it’s not possible it’s fine I guess. This just needs to stop and I want to help to prevent this and honestly I don’t think it’s ever going to stop unless we do something about it or at-least try. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Hope all of you are safe during this time. Safe travels!



And that just about sums it up for you :)

If you want a better experience you can join IFATC

Additionally, you can create a ATC tracking thread to improve your skills and join IFATC. Or open up on smaller airports


aand stop right there. Large airports on the TS (such as LAX, LHR, SFO, etc.) are hubs for trolls and I would avoid controlling there if you would like to provide quality service. I don’t think there is anything that can be done for that pilot, as I would think someone with reporting power only could have handled it if they were there to witness it.


I am on the process of taking my practical, thank you anyways!

😂 your 1000% right, thanks!

Good luck! I added additional info on post 😊

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Thanks! I have a tracking thread already, thank you anyways!😂


If we talk about facts, the Training Server is made for learning, as you said. If you feel sure this user is messing/ trolling severely, I suggest you contact @moderators with the utmost information possible,

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At the end of the day it is Trainjng Server. Id recommend working hard to getting to the expert server less trolls. 👍🏽


There would have to be a similar system put in place for those who troll as ATC as well. It’s just something we all have to contend with, in one way or another.

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