Trolls on Expert server

Why are there so many trolls in IF lately on the expert server?

all two did not use ATC one! they also come with us 260 KIAS and crashes on the runway or leave the game on the runway! but what really bothers methat they land on a blocked runway. As you can see in the pictures!I’m watching for a bit longer


Let me know in a PM what the second person did/was doing and I’ll be in contact as hes flying under my flag of a VA. I’ll deal with it



I wouldn’t exactly call this trolling. Red does not mean the runway is not able to be used and it does not look like they interfered with other planes.

ATC cannot be everywhere at once (it would be awesome if we had enough members that we could). We have been notified while someone is trolling (donuts on the runway, taxing all over the airport through people, offensive callsigns) and have been able to take care of it.


I don’t see anything wrong with these screenshots they taxied to the runway that probably is open right now in the real world

Yep, the runways aren’t actually closed, they just are not in use due to weather, yet it doesn’t mean it’s not allowed. Sorry that you had a bad experience though. I’m sure somebody will PM you regarding it.

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Unless they are taxing through you at 50kts, taking off near vertical, and landing harder than a ryanair pilot, then I wouldn’t consider it trolling.


But it does not have to be that through me fly through. and they did not use unicom!

That’s still not trolling. I don’t bother with unicom if i’m the only person at the airport.


That’s really specific…weve al gone through this once in our lives lol

There is a larger majority of users who do not take it seriously, yes. It’s much different compared to when I first started flying on expert in the beginning of the year. :/


I was actually just flying today in an Etihad A321 at OMAA, when a 748 passed through me at around 20 - 25 knots like I was not there, I was simply turning onto a taxiway and the person did not even attempt to stop…

Could’ve been a network connection issue and he didn’t see you. Happens a lot to me.

I think there should be some restriction on fighter jets on the expert server since they cant get overspeed violations unlike commercial. So trolls just fly as fast they want to catch up and interfere with serious users, largely with impunity.

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Rarly I forget to use unicom if there aren’t aircraft in the area. Even more rarly I sometimes land on red. Which most the time equals dead. Red = Dead :).


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