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I was on the ground before Aeroflot even took off. I would know I was the first one to land. There should never be a plane taking off against incoming traffic.

It’s also lack of awareness that you didn’t check the map to see all the planes on the downwind leg. You followed the one plane that was headed to runway 30 and decided to do just like him and takeoff against traffic.

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I was 100’ off the ground. I was second in line to land. I was actually hoping they’d report you for taking off against incoming. Again I was second to land. Plane 1 was already on the ground. There were two planes behind me on final. What their altitudes where I have no idea. I know they were spaced 8nm apart as that was our flight NOTAM. And we were not all lined up, which if we were, would make your situation for taking off the wrong runway even worse.


You can say what you want that doesn’t make it true… None of you were on downwind you were all straight in, Also I was there 5mins before the first one of you landed and by that time Aeroflot was finishing his taxi to 30. Completely childish to lie

All in a straight line and still takes off against the “straight line” of 7 planes you claim were all in the air. SMH

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This is when I stop replying. When your facts don’t match up. show me a screenshot of the map before you were taking off. Also, just to make it 100% transparent for you:

There’s no way that you cannot tell we are headed to runway 12 if we are 7-8 nm apart, I land and then you decide to takeoff against the 2nd inbound plane on short final.

I’m done with this discussion. You could have easily avoided getting reported if you took some time to look at the map and see planes on base and downwind.


The flight of 7 entry pattern. In calm wind situations, the runway that is most used is the most southern one


You landed on the wrong runway you should’ve gone around and enetered downwind 30 was in use before you were on the frequency so not quite sure why it changed while I was taking off, People at the field decide the active runway you’re telling me you couldn’t have entered downwind and followed the flow of traffic, Also you’re in no position to decide the runway you are inbound, you ask for traffic advisories not change them for your petty needs…

That makes it even worse for you even though that wasn’t you’re flight plan if you had followed this you should’ve landed 30 to follow the flow of traffic

Again, I can go grab a cup of coffee and continue:

Matt was second in line: that’s how I know your story doesn’t add up

no it was our flight plan. mate, I have over 100 hours flying aircraft in real life, I know how pattern entrees work. In most calm wind conditions the most southern runway aka 12 is used.

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You claim you flew right by 30 so why not land there to follow the flow of traffic you, You have just admitted you intentionally went against the flow of traffic at the field

Welcome to infinite flight where the runway is decided by the controller, or by traffic on the ground, or a group of childish people who are on a power trip

okay. once again in CALM wind situations, the most southern runway is used for those types of operations. RW 12 is the most southern rw at TFFR. The active runway at the airport is dicated by incoming taffic. not traffic on the ground.

Just an FYI: this is Matt flying SECOND as you can see from his map behind me before landing. In case I need to make it any more clear that he was second

Why. this link is useful

Not in IF incoming traffic has a request traffic advisories button for incoming traffic go take a look, IF is designed for departing traffic to dictate what runway is in use

Thanks art look at the planes where’s the runway? It’s not downwind your turning for a straight in approach 12

Intentionally? You’re right. We all saw you sitting there before you had even taxied and decided to go against the flow so we could report you. You know. Because that’s what we like to do to people.

What’s weird is there were two other planes inbound, that weren’t part of our flight of 7, that landed on 12. It happened right after you decided to leave. They must have been coming from TNCM. Because those guys entered left base 12. One landed between our flight of 5-6. And the other guy landed between 6-7. They both used 12. I bet they looked at their map and saw the flow of traffic. I’m just guessing though. I still can’t understand how the blended in with all our planes lined up in a straight line. Weird.


Exactly it’s on final before Aeroflot even took off. Dude you just proved my point. I’m done with this. This is ridiculous

@Boeing_777 image

here you go. I know what I’m doing