Trolls Exposed Mods Please undo my ghosting by trolls

So I was departing TFFR calm night, and it was me an Aeroflot 777 and 787 of some type idk I’m on iOS. So I pushed back and taxied runway 30 following the Aeroflot who was taking off 30 departing North right after his takeoff roll a flight of 7 began landing runway 12, Then I sent multiple traffic advisories telling them we were using 30. They then proceeded to player report me when they were in the wrong and what could I do nothing they ghosted me for an hour please undo this and punish them for wrong doing this is wrong that just because we have numbers and you don’t we can do whatever on the advanced server. If you’re going to land the wrong way at an airport do it on free flight.

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Wait for the pictures to finish uploading.

Yeah figured that out lol

When I was ghosted it said it was only for the hour but after seeing these it looks like its 24hrs… Please undo this staff

Unfortunately, they can’t undo your level decreasing, but what are the call signs or display anesthesia of the 2 aircraft that reported you, they can probably find out more from there.

Because this is the Expert server I’m a little surprised. What were the wind conditions may I ask?

Both 30 and 12 were open but 30 was in use by me and the only other aircraft on the field at the time and they were not close to the field at the time we started using 30

Corporate 39 Flight of 7 was one of the guys that reported me

Ah ok. Now it’s an annoying situation and I’m not saying your in the wrong, but maybe next time just use the runway which seems most appropriate to suit incoming aircraft. I know it’s inconvenient and you have done nothing wrong here, people can be very arrogant. But if it saves you getting ghosted your the bigger person in the end.

They can undo the ghost which made your grade go down

Actually. If you read the terms and conditions about responding to ghostings. You will see that ghosting will almost always be reversed if it’s a controller situation. If it’s a pilot based ghost they do not handle that side of things.

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They knew when they were 20nm out that we were using 30 because that’s where they were when Aeroflot took off on 30 they could’ve easily entered downwind for what an extra 1 min 30 of flight?

Yes they could have, but like I said if the want to act childish then there’s not much you can do. Sometimes you just have to give in and go with the flow. Like I said I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong.

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The flow was 30 and I was going with it they weren’t even 40nm from the field when 30 began being active runway when Aerflot began taxi

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Flight of 7. One of which was already on the ground and just turned off yet runway. You had another one literally seconds from touch down. (I had already gotten the 100’ call out.) Two more planes on final, spaced out approximately 8 miles. There was one on right base for12. And two more on rightdown wind for 12. With all 7 planes announcing right traffic runway 12 on their inbound descent. There is no reason to enter the runway against traffic and attempt to take off. There was another plane that was sitting there waiting to enter the runway and he waited his turn and when there was room he entered the runway and took off. In the future I suggest looking at your map first to see the flow of traffic before you depart. Accusing people of just ghosting you for no reason is not something anyone I know does.


Little wind. Lots of clouds cover. TFFR is glowing blue right now.


7 planes headed to runway 12 all inbound with Unicom announced multiple times. I think I would of followed the traffic pattern headed to runway 12 instead of the lonely one plane headed to 30. It’s pretty clear where traffic is headed if you have not one, but 7 planes inbound to runway 12. Easy math


No one was on downwind all were approaching straight in 12 with the closest one 8nm out. You shouldn’t be getting a 100’ fallout 8nm out and final begins 10nm from runway threshold Also there were no flight of 7 aircraft on the ground when the Aeroflot Heavy began taxi to 30 making it the active runway, You guys were landing against the flow of traffic, one of you hand a runway incursion with me, completely childish of you, you should’ve entered downwind for 30.

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You weren’t even on the frequency when Aeroflot began taxi to 30.