Trolling on the Casual Server

I was doing a flight from San Francisco to Juneau and, this F-22 decided to troll me by coming way too close to my aircraft (747-8), and also even managing to get past it, like actually touch it. The player had a user ending with numbers, but I reported him anyway. I get it, it’s just the Casual server, and I know nothing can be done, but this isn’t the first time I had to deal with this though, so I’m wondering how could I avoid this in future flights because it does ruin my screenshots and flight itself. Thanks! I could for sure post screenshots, if it would actually show the guy that he violated my airspace multiple times…

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i don’t know if much can be done considering it’s casual. if you want better pilots get to training or expert:)

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I need 10 more landings, but like, I wanna get rid of this issue. I understand the point though haha.

Definitely nothing you can do about this. On casual you essentially can do anything you want as long as you aren’t being offensive. If you looking for more realism, try out training or expert!

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Getting 10 landings is not hard. 10 minutes of touch and goes aka pattern work and you’d have those final landings


Well, I’ll do the 10 landings:)!

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And FYI the pilot to pilot report button doesn’t work. It only works mods and some select members.

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But you wouldn’t believe me. The F-22 was trying to do a shoot to kill mission on me, thank god it was just a training fighter XD

The report button is non-functional.


well, the casual server comes with its disadvantages. but i think it would be better to treat this as a hilarious situation and just laugh it off.


Yeah, guess I was carrying some ‘illegal’ cargo hahaXD

Maybe use routes that aren’t used by many people? I find that most people on casual server start at KLAX or EGLL, avoid these airports at all costs. Or you could just do nothing, which is what I do when I used causal server before 😂

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If you flew San Jose to Juneau, he might have left you alone ;)

In all seriousness, if you want a better flight experience, go on expert. But casual is basically a playground with no rules. I have to admit: I have trolled other people in casual before

Casual is meant to be free from rules. So trolling is not against any rule :D


Or even better, if I was circling around LAX 20 times 😂

I know, it’s just for fun, but for me trolling is a waste of time, on a flight sim especially hahaXD

Hey I’m sorry this happened to you but casual is casual and that is what it’s meant to be. If you want a better flight experience on casual just fly to the non big 3 so avoid JFK,LAX,LHR. I hope this helps!

See you soon on Expert!

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Indeed! I’ll have some good ol beer when I get there 😂🙃


Thanks for the report.