Trolling on Expert Server

? They can’t do anything and mass reporting is against the terms of service.

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IFES and IFM are the VAs that target and eliminate Trolls

They don’t just do escorts

Can I please see proof of this?

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The only way to deal with trolls in Infnite Flight, is to completely ignore them. By creating topics like these, you are letting the trolls win as it shows what they are doing is working. Do not give them any publicity, if there is a major issues, just keep it to PM with the two community managers, and they will deal with it as they see fit.


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A lot of things have changed since then… go on and mass report people and you’ll get yourself banned.


That is againdt the terms of service - @NEO am I correct? Surely this could be negatively exploited against rival VAs

Well it’s what it says so why would I be sabotaging

You can even ask the executives at IFES and IFM

Like @schyllberg said, things have changed since that time. VAs shouldn’t be targeting users with the intent of mass reporting. We have meticulously selected IFATC Controllers and live moderators for such things.


Why should i ask them? They have no say in the matter…


Or during events. People seem to think that when they plan events, they reserve the region only for their event.


Or when you report someone, it shows up on there screen at the top that they have been reported

Just because it says on their screen that they have been reported won’t stop so called ‘trolls’ from doing what they do though.

No that’s too much. Only mods and devs can ghost while flying.

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That COULD be possible. Doesn’t sound very bad actually.

I just hope this entire issue is solved by the time global is out, otherwise the sudden influx of new customers is going to make the problem worst.

yeah. that’s a good point.

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