Trolling on Expert Server

I just terminated my flight recently on Expert server because of a user trolling me at LAX. This isnt a post about said user specifically but Trolling others as a whole. Since the increase in requirements to get to Grade 3 there was a strict decrease in the presence of those I would call “trolls”. On TS1 it is difficult to differentiate between trolls and just users that really do not know what they are doing versus not caring about the rules.

We all know that Expert is the place for those that care about their flights and have already had discussion on how to allow other users to continue to grow in their ability before using Expert properly. However, I believe this is on a different level. What can be done to effectively prevent people from getting on Expert with the intention of trolling other and solely that? 4

I do not believe that raising the grading requirements will help at all, rather a rework of the reporting system is needed. It is impossible for a user to be ghosted by one user but that is the issue, the system just encourages trolls to troll. With global coming out I do not believe anyone wants to be trolled by someone when you are about to finish up a long flight and are limited on range because of fuel burn.

What I am proposing is that users have the ability to report another user with the first warning effectively telling the other user that they are On Guard. This lets the user know that they need to be aware or stop what they are doing. After 30 seconds if the same user who reported has the ability to report again, this time broadcasting to anyone on the same region (pre-Global) that a user needs to be paid attention to. Finally, if after 10-30 seconds another user reports that same person a ghosting is put in effect. To assist with users flying in a region with only them and the other user a pre-designated cooldown time can be implemented and if necessary the same user can report a third time and ghost the violator. All during the process the person reported cannot send a retaliatory report to the user that report him. This means that for predetermined period of time the other user cannot report whoever has reported him. This protects the person reporting and communicates that the trolling user is to stop or receive a ghosting. This would only be implemented on Expert Server

For post global I believe that this is only enabled when someone is on the same airports frequency or is operating within the airspace of airports. Outside of Airport airspace it is difficult to pretty much troll someone as most often I have seen trolling occur only within airport airspace.

Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns? Commentary?

Final Note: I do believe this is a necessary change that is needed. It is one outside of just raising grading requirements as a user’s grade really does not determine if someone is trolling or not.


I like the idea, but it would be hard to implement. The problem is that one person can ghost someone then, and the person may just be pranking, or they think that the user has done something wrong even if they haven’t.


Great idea but these “trolls” can work in another way. If users can ghost people with the 1 minute cooldown, so can trolls. I’d rather be trolled on final approach than trolled and be ghosted on final approach.


I don’t have full-proof solution but something along the lines of the higher the grade the higher the report “weight” you have. So instead of 3 Grade 5s needed to report only 2 are needed for example.

Of course there are Grade 5 trolls, and I guess we can’t really prevented that from happening…

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The final 3rd report by a single user isnt so much what I am concerned about as the first two report notifications. Maybe remove the ability for someone to troll another person by the report button but definitely add teeth to the report button

The problem is, you can’t define trolling. You’d have to be able to prove that what they were doing was done with intention and malice.

Just because someone doesn’t know what they’re doing doesn’t mean they’re trolling you. Not to mention there are plenty of times where the side who thinks they are being infringed upon are actually the ones in the wrong.

I’m not saying you fall into this category, but there are plenty of people here that think that someone who hasn’t registered for an event showing up at an airport and taxiing to a runway and taking off before everyone in the event is off the ground is trolling.

In that situation, they would be reported, but they’re doing nothing wrong. Events don’t reserve airports or regions. Allowing this would just have innocent bystanders ghosted by those who think an Event of theirs closes an airport.

This would clearly be abused. And who adjudicates? Too much possibility for trolling with the function that’s supposed to control trolling.

Even from an IFATC perspective, where we can ghost users on Expert as controllers, we require meticulous documentation of the reasoning and logic. Where’s the oversight on these single-user reports? Someone who doesn’t like someone could just ghost that person. And you’ll say, well a Mod can overturn, but how much more can these guys have on their plate right now?


Grades are a measure of time spent flying. They are not a measure of ability, willingness to follow instructions, consideration for others, or situational awareness.

I watch Grade 5s all day long that don’t have a clue. They just fly a lot.

Nothing should ever be based off of the current grading system apart from the Grade 3 requirement for access to Expert.


I think the expert server test is in order. A simple computer graded form could be an easy Guage to see whether a user is for to be on the expert server. The users would need to retake it every month or something and not have received a report within 7 days in order to fly on expert.


Let me a describe a clear example of trolling. I was on final into KLAX when someone spawned at LAX. As I was 5miles out he taxiod through grass and accross runways to line up when I was a mile out onto the runway I was landimg at forcing me to go around. Then he accelerated to the other and of the runway without taking off and turned around and waites there thinming I was going to attmpt to land on that side. When he saw I was looking to land on the runway I previously attempted on he started taxiing in the grass beside the runway to the runway I was going to try and land at again. He made it there when I was still right downwind and exited out then spawned in again in a different aircraft at LAX again to do the exact same thing. Taxied through grass to the runway I was on short final on to force me to go around again which instead I just forced ended my flight because it was obvious he was just going to keep doing this until I tried to land on him.

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I know how are you feeling man…

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Honestly at that point just land or go to a different airport I don’t know why people work hard to get grade 3 then be idiots


Not a long term solution but turn WiFi off, land, wifi on. Tada, he can’t get ya


I still think that there needs to be a server in which people have to test, in order to get into. A written, and a practical similar to what IFATC must go through to obtain ATC privileges on the Expert server. With all due respect, I think your idea is a bit flawed. Like others said, it would be easy to be the one trolling by giving people the power to ghost as you had explained. I’m all in support of a way to clean up the Expert server from trolls and other buffoons that can’t play nice.


Perhaps a test is needed in order for a pilot to ghost/report another pilot? Instead of restricting access to the expert server…


Or maybe a select few individuals that are trusted, and have the power to do so. These folks would be trained what to look for, they would randomly float around on the server and fly just like everyone else. But if any odd behavior is noticed, action could be taken. The thing to keep in mind is that the community wouldn’t know who the selected few are. I feel that this is kind of already in place with the moderators, but how often do you see the mods on the active region?


Thats just sad, I can understand your frustration.

Well, yeah, that’s an extreme example and fairly rediculous, agreed.

But I think overall, those extreme scenarios are too rare to justify creating user reporting in this manner. It would lead to chaos.

Not that I wouldn’t have had the same wish for that particular situation.

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MaxSez: The violation system which gives a 7 day downer for a minor infraction, the Report User function which is rarely used cause nobody can find the report button or don’t want to be bothered and the Ghost System which is fine as long as your in controlled airspace which is rarely fully staffed in a cohesive and organized manor need a major revamp. Testing to matriculate to the big boy Server is a logical answer. Generating a multi choice test is not brain surgery, “where there’s a will there’s a way”. Next there is a Topic in the archive thats a no brainer solution for Trolls, Malcontents and the unskilled in un-controlled airspace; “Return to Parking”! Use the currant violation system, no more downers. Test to Expert, same Ghost system for controlled airspace. In un-controlled airspace send the miscreants of any grade immediately back to there starting point for all Troll/idiot infraction; “Return “them” to Parking” with a 500 point XP reduction. Set the Return to Parking gate to 2 User Reports in controlled & un controlled airspace. Some violations can be programmed without any human intervention. There’s nothing like an in your face right now restart. It will get attention faster than loosing Expert access and the necessity to fly in toy land…
Return Grade 3+ misanthropes To Parking with a 500XP debit.


Simply grant IFATC power to ghost while flying and controlling


Then what is the point of the ATC moderators?