Trolling in training server? @KJFK

So, I spawned at the KJFK for a flight to KLAX, the ground was active so I taxied to the runway with the ground active. Suddenly it disconnected without announcement, so I used unicom to announce my intentions.
When I took off, tower reappeared, after 10 seconds it disappeared, and then it began.
Someone started joining/leaving the tower, like “Tower is active” “Tower is unactive” and this continued until I left the airspace.
Here’s the glimpse how it looked like

Since it’s the training server, controllers are allowed to control and leave as per their wish. It may also be possible that the controller was facing some connection issues.


As said above, sounds like connection issues 👍🏻

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Yes. I would also support this by pointing out that KLAX is a very difficult airspace to get hold of on training, so if he was just logging in and then off, someone would have probably taken that spot :)

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Think it is KJFK :)

I would say both of them.

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