Trolling at event

Hay so tomorrow I am doing and event and I am a youtuber long story short is that he’s saying that he’s going to ruin the event because he has cheats
Is their any way to report him I mean I don’t any of his in game names tag but here’s what he said

Any tips on what I can do ? Or just ignoro him

Ignore him. It’s just a troll who has nothing better to do.

I doubt he actually has “cheats”.

If for some reason he is trolling at your event, just contact a moderator. They will help if need be.

Have fun at your event!


Thank you yea same thing I was think. But I don’t think he can make the airport go in the air well just have to sit back and see

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Mods your are free to close this he was trolling in the comments . He ain’t going to do nothing


Darn, I was curious to see what “cheats” he had. lol


😂 Haha Same 🤔🤷‍♂️😂


Same!😂 are even cheats in IF? other than the F-22 at 200,000ft

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Try 7 million. It’s not so much a cheat, but rather a glitch. Same with the 100K XCub at 6000 kts GS.


Hold up. What??!!

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Yeah. I’ll show you this weekend or sometime next week. I have a recording on my phone of me passing by Taiwan and into Chinese mainland in less than 45 seconds (with the aircraft flipping at such a velocity to completely decimate a human body instantly).


Lol ok sounds good

I once got a SR22 to 75,000 feet at 1,200 knots GS. It’s a glitch that affects all piston aircraft in game.

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What a hax3r…