Trolling at EFHK Expert Server

Me: Callsign G-0801
Aircraft: A321
Livery: Finnair
Time Period 1300Z - 1330Z

Today I felt like I was in training server.

-Users were not maintaining safe distance.
-Impatiently taxing to their departure runways, mainly 22L.
-pushing back while queuing to cross Rwy 15 and picking different taxiway

It is understandable there was one person controlling Tower / Ground at the time. It is not an easy task to keep an eye on everything. I just wish users showed airmanshp.


Hello, saddle nothing can be did about the odd troll. As you say, the poor dude on TWR and GRD was soo busy especially when both approaches closed up. He was leafed with everything. It was not seen. We just look past the odd troll and have a good time. That is all we can do.


Hello @Usman_A I was controlling ground at EFHK from 3:00 to 4:00 UTC and people were just not following directions and I am so sorry that this happened. I tried to get everything under control and I felt like I finally did but people just kept ignoring directions.

Hope it gets better!


Thats why we need stricter regulations to enter Expert Server ! It happened to me way too much time and can be a dealbreaker


they werent even on the training sever though


I’ve said it multiple times today. Quarantine is making me lose brain cells.

Still, in my opinion it doesn’t look to bad.


Wouldn’t you ghost them for not following instructions?

IFATC only ghost when it’s absolutely needed and the person really is ignoring ATC. (For example: taxiing through other people, crossing the runway while not cleared to do so)
As you can see in the screenshot the OP had given us, they did neither of those. If @AVPA99 would have ghosted them all, they would all come to the ATC for “reported for no reason”.


To be fair the ghosting could still be on the basis of not maintaining a safe distance or obstructing traffic in a busy airport, plus ghosting reversal ultimately lies within the IFATC’s decision, so no matter how unjustified they believe their ghosting was (in a theoretical scenario), nothing would change as there was indeed a legitimate reason for ghosting.

Edit: The more trolls you can keep off the expert server the better. May be a radical, perhaps excessive opinion, but realism is paramount on ES.


Will they get a punishment though?

I don’t think so. I think the ghosting system is giving enough freedom to restrict unlawful people from expert. And in a situation like this, he can just look at the replay and report the baddies to schyllberg for example. I mean, if i, a non IFATC, was able to do this (because name “i hate ATC” is a pretty bold statement), he (if he has the time and/or wants to of course) can do it too!

There’s a fine line that we walk because people are going to be mad at you and there has to be a clear, valid reason for the ghost. Trust me, when thirty aircraft are trying to pushback, taxi and cross runways all within 500 ft of each other, it is so hard to control, let alone watch for people breaking the rules.


We just try to make the best experience for the people that deserve to be on there!

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Honestly every time I arrive into a busy airport I hear the ATC threaten pilots to get ghosted, shows that there is a lot of person not respecting the rules, it must be quite annoying for IFATC too but I might be wrong

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