Trolling at DCA

Just now I finished a flight into DCA [expers server](technically it did not finish as the landing did not count as the game hung when I was applying reverse thrust.)
Anyways coming to the topic, for those of you who dont know, when approaching Runway 19 at DCA you approach using the Runway 15 path as the path for R19 is restricted as you are required to fly over Washingon DC airspace.


I was approaching using the R15 path while clearly 99% of the flights were flying straight in, which they should not be doing. I only saw one other flight making the approach that it should have.
Secondly, correct me if I am wrong, the A321 is the largest allowed aircraft that can land at DCA. So as I was approaching using the R15 path in a 737-700 I see a 777-200ER that is also approching to R19 and this is after I have already sent a message,“Southwest 606 is on final runway 19.” The 777 does not do anything and I continue my approach and I resedn the message as I am clealry ahead of the 777. I then land expecting the 777 to have performed a go-around but, as soon as apply reverse thrust I notice a 777 going through me.
I was unable to report the person as my game hung.
What should I have done?
Should large planes be allowed at regional airports?
Lukla airspace is restricted, shouldn’d DC airpsace also be restricted. At Lukla you never take off from R6 and fly staright into the mountain.
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Unfortunately, if ATC isn’t active there isn’t much you can do.

Your best bet would be to be the bigger person, go around, and shoot the approach again.

Of course if you encounter a truly egregious case of trolling, you can always take it to a mod.

Sorry for your poor experience!


I’m not saying that their trolling was ok but to be fair, commercial flights NEVER land on runway 15, and for someone who sounds like they want realism, 19 is used

By this logic, every airport in the world would have some sort of restriction.

On a side note, I understand your annoyance (especially since this was on expert), and I hate to give this response, but when you’re at an uncontrolled field - even on expert - don’t always expect “expert” behavior. Hopefully expert server will improve in due course, though it might be a while.

Exactly, but you dont fly over DC when approaching 19

Besides the fact that both the OP and the 772 landed on 19, he’s saying that runway 19 doesn’t operate straight in due to the restricted airspace on short final.


Actually, I didn’t understand your topic for a second, I get it, you were flying the River Visual, as you should’ve. I read it as though you were flying into Runway 15. Just listen to what @Will_A said, I misunderstood

Some people just don’t know. I think the red circle needs to be there like it is at Aspen.


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