Trolling at Boston

I just controlled at Boston on training server and this American 757 was using the callsign to tell me to leave and “learn ATC” he was also doing pattern work at a towered airport which is annoying to deal with.

Hello! I’m afraid there’s nothing much anyone can do about trolling if it’s on the training server. There is also nothing wrong with flying patterns at a controlled airport as long as it’s not too busy.


I’m sorry that happened to you. Unfortunately, some people forget that training server is a place for people to learn and mistakes will happen. If you have any questions on any mistakes, feel free to pm me and I will help you out.

As stated above, doing patterns at a controlled airspace is perfectly fine


They shouldn’t have changed his display name to this. The training server is a place to learn! Continue practicing your skills and referring to the ATC manuals. If you’d like, I can link them. Sadly, training server pilots don’t follow instructions too much.

If you don’t mind can you send us your replay so we can see?

That’s definitely not necessary. This isn’t an appeal, etc.


Let’s not create any drama lol. This isn’t a court room

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I never said I was creating drama

But why do you want the replay? In reality, it’s none of your business, we’ve given him the correct response, asking for a replay just carries on the matter even longer. We learn together and we move ahead together! No need to prolong one situation when in reality, we can be going forward and moving ahead. Drama is a very vague word. Drama, drama, drama, all the time. Words are words, the action is the one that matters! Strive to move forward, don’t engage the parking brake. Throttle ahead!

Guys let’s just move on. No need to bump a topic just to argue

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Not arguing - just encouraging people to move on, we’ve made the solution and situation clear, so now we focus our attention on something else rather than this small issue (which we resolved yesterday).

It happens on TS from time to time. Just continue learning and doing your thing.