Trolling and ghosts

So I just ghosted someone on expert server named Alaska 1 because they were taxing through me and spinning and they started taxiing purposely on the grass behind the airport. I feel this was the correct use of the ghost button.

Here’s some pics.

Just don’t troll on ES.

The 737-900 is the troller I am in the KBOI I was heading to Q400 but that kinda ruined the flight.

Im confused what you mean by ghosted someone on expert like as a controller or?? And how is this something to be proud of?


I’m not proud of it I’m just showing what happened. And I was on beta and realized I could ghost and it was ghostable.

That… is probably something you shouldn’t do… might wanna report it in open beta too, if you haven’t done so already.


Ok I was just tired of it because he kept taxiing through me and spinning and going on grass, but I will report it on open beta.

Yeah like @ToasterStroodie said that isnt a button for everyone it was probably accidently released for everyone in beta by accident. But please do not actually ghost people as a pilot because this system was taken away for a reason pilots abusded it way to much.


I’ve checked and can confirm that you did not report anyone. The report function as a pilot are reserved for staff, moderators, and a select group of trusted pilots.

While this behavior is never encouraged, those with reporting capability are not always around to deal with these incidents. Thanks!