Trollers in an event

Currently I am in an event with InfiniteFlyWings. We’re flying from YMML-YBTL on Expert Server. There are multiple trollers that were spamming unicom and flying through us. Our CEO has contact IFVARB but sadly they’re probably asleep. If someone can help it’d greatly appreciated.

Robin, Supervisor of IFW(InfiniteFlyWings)


This is supposed to be in #live not #live:va

Unfortunately there will be trollers and on ES if there is no IFATC unfortunately there is not much you can do - these things happen.

Also, Happy 1 Year Anniversary!


Oh ok. Thanks for telling me and congratulating me!

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I’d personally recommend reporting them…
But furthermore there is nothing you can do about it…

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Yeah we have done that. Sadly report doesn’t work in IF as it may be abused.


Hi what server was this?

Damn… They pay 10€/month to do that…

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Expert Server

This topic should not have been created, however unfortunate this has been for you.

Contact the IFVARB (and wait for the response) like you already have or contact some mods about this. Make sure to gather evidence and information about the troller.

Good luck!


Was he a random or was he flying with a VA/VO

This is an necessary topic just wait for an IFVARB reply!
Good Luck!

Okay thank you. I will delete this.

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That’s for the training server. Anyway, IFATC officers aren’t allow to randomly choose to control an airport.

oof sorry

No need to over crowd the thread unnecessarily! I have flagged for closure!

Hi! I have dealt with these users. Thanks for the report!