Troll on Expert Server

Hey Guys!

There was a troll on Expert Server at Denver , Wasn’t taxing correctly. Crashed into my plane he doesn’t have a IFC account linked unfortunately his user name was Southwest 37

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Feel free to copy their in-flight identifier and contact @moderators. Be prepared to share your replay.


How do I share a replay

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Feel free to use

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moderators or appeals team will help you sort the case and report the troll if necessary

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Hey there,

We’re really sorry this has occured today! Unfortunately, we can’t do all that much with a replay as we can’t report people within them.

If you ever have this problem again, feel free to message an ATC Supervisor or, as aforementioned, a Moderator at the time the trolling is occurring. We’d be more than happy to get down there and take a look!

All the best,


All of sudden he has a username


You could pm him!

He hasn’t been seen since December

Ahh ok. Just try anyway.

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And the Atc didn’t report him?

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Denver wasn’t featured today

But when this happend, did the Atc report him?

There could have been any number of reasons this happened, it doesn’t necessarily mean the user was “trolling” you.

@Adam_S has been kind enough to give you an answer to the situation. If you wish to POLITELY pm the user and have a conversation with them, you may be able to rectify the issue that way. If they haven’t been active for months, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t get a response.


It was today… There was no ATC it was Unicom

Well then, that fixes my question

Please see: