Troll at Heathrow

Well done for confessing! Practice makes perfect! Look at the user guide to help you out :))

I’m grade 5 and I’m really the biggest roll when I’m on casual server, trying to get my landing stats up. But going to expert server and trolling people that’s just cruel

People have their opinions and i’m not normally vocal on here but it’s the same people over and over again who have to comment on topics complaining they shouldn’t be here, the IFC is a community and it needs to stick together.

This topic worked so I see no issue!


YES. THANK YOU. So true!

Just remember some people on casual/training don’t want to be trolled so try not to anywhere :/

They might not yet be the appropriate grade to fly Expert so have to practice!

I mean, doesn’t it go both ways…?

and more…


Like I said before it’s the same people who have to comment, this topic worked that’s the main thing. I’ve made my point because it’s about reaching out, if you don’t agree with it don’t but why comment if
you don’t like a topic.

I said literally that I’m ok if these topic are educational, calling the troll idiot is not in any way.

I’m happy that @champagnepapi knows his mistake but we were talking about another thing: the way @MadridistaPilot pointed the thing out.

This is what the IFC is about and it has educated, end of in my opinion, you said there’s no point but now your saying you don’t mind.

I’m not arguing with you, im stating that when people always have to comment ‘I see no point’ etc isn’t what it’s about. I’m happy to educate people maybe you should do the same if you want it to be educational.

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Honestly, I see no use for these topics.

There’s trolls wherever you go…just deal with it for goodness sake.

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What was the point when I did that comment? That he did go around? Lol.

Like I said this topics worked, the pilots been found and they’ve apologised that’s what the IFCs about it brings people together.

Why comment there’s no point, you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. Let people post what they want to post, if you see no point move on to the next topic. Im sick of seeing the same people criticising every single topic, this is a community so engage with it positively.

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I’m (frankly, the majority of us, actually) sick of people complaining by posting topics (often to no avail) repeatedly after a majority, or all of those topics were closed. You’d think that it would be one and done, but no, it’s not. This is a community to ask questions in a friendly manner, so engage with it in that fashion.

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Please just read what I said, if you don’t like something don’t read it and don’t comment. Commenting causes more hassle, it’s the same people who complain there’s too many of the same topics.

I’m not bothered how many topics there are because they’re all different in their own way.

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The majority of you don’t have to comment then :)


I agree with you all the way 15shawo

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Creating topics complaining about trolls (for the third time) starts this “more hassle”.

See repeated occurrences below:

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Nobody said the opposite.

I want to comment, world is done by people with different opinions.

I don’t do it personally, but I think it wasn’t referred to me.

I agree :)

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Thanks for attaching these! Because I agree with the topics, that’s why I comment. You don’t like them so you don’t have to read them, pretty simple.

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So it’s okay to be on here flagrantly complaining about trivial issues like these? Come on, now.