Troll at Heathrow

So this morning I was on final after a 11+ hour flight from Shanghai to Heathrow and then when I was about a minute from landing some idiot decided to cut me off and line up and make me go around. I landed fine after the go around but was pretty annoyed for that to happen after such a long flight


Which server was this on?

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Sometimes stuff happens online, it’s a part of the package. Contact @ Moderators if it gets out of hand.

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Hey there! Do you know what server this occurred on? I don’t know if something can be done, but most times when something like this happens, I just forget about it and carry on.

If you have it, does the person have a display name? That could help too. You could also contact the moderators like @GreenFire said.


Expert. If it was training or casual then fine

It happened on expert which is why I’m annoyed if it happened on training or casual I wouldn’t bother about it but this is expert server this shouldn’t happen


I don’t see the reason to make a topic anyways, I mean, what you want to do about it? It could be a troll and annoying yes, but these things can happen in an online server of any type, go around and land.


But these things should not be happening on the Expert Server - @MadridistaPilot I would report it to the moderators .


It’s more about raising awareness of being professional on the expert server. I totally agree with the point of making a topic as it does actually educate people.


Yes, nobody said the opposite. This thread doesn’t in fact.

  1. Trolls are everywhere, unfortunately, you can’t defeat them and you have to live with them.

This is not intended to educate the actual “troll” as he calls him “idiot” on the first place without knowing nothing about him or his intentions.

For me this is only a complaint, not an educational topic.

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In my opinion this topic can be started and people will give advice, if you don’t agree with the topic no need to comment is there really?


In my opinion the “trolls” don’t have the IFC, and if they have they would like to see these topics because what they did to make normal people nervous, was actually worth the time.

My advice is to just ignore them, will get your life easier. :)

It was me. I did it, the guilt is eating me from the inside out. I confess !!


Looks like the said troll has IFC! These topics do work.

gee @Davide_DC i think you may want to re think what you said earlier 👀🤒😳

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Well done for confessing! Practice makes perfect! Look at the user guide to help you out :))

I’m grade 5 and I’m really the biggest roll when I’m on casual server, trying to get my landing stats up. But going to expert server and trolling people that’s just cruel

People have their opinions and i’m not normally vocal on here but it’s the same people over and over again who have to comment on topics complaining they shouldn’t be here, the IFC is a community and it needs to stick together.

This topic worked so I see no issue!


YES. THANK YOU. So true!

Just remember some people on casual/training don’t want to be trolled so try not to anywhere :/

They might not yet be the appropriate grade to fly Expert so have to practice!