Troll at Amsterdam?

Did anyone else at Amsterdam right now see this 757 doing 360s? Hes is now hogging runway 9 and stopping a 777 from taking off


Is there ATC there is it in expert server?

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If it’s on the expert server and there’s ATC they’ll put a stop to it.

If there’s no ATC, you could check to see if the player has a community profile, and screenshot it and send it to the mods. Or if the player is still there and still trolling, maybe a mod could spawn in and report them.

If it’s on the training server…unfortunately there’s not much that can be done.

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Atc went offline just after I landed and this happened after I parked at the gate

It was on expert I just landed from Bangalore and tower/ground went offline just as I left the runway. I parked up and then I noticed this

It’s a simple matter if the player has a community profile. You can report them to the mods on here by looking at their username.

If they’re still there, and the player doesn’t have a community profile, your best bet is to wait for a mod or IFATC to spawn in and put a stop to it.

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