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Give me the meaning of VFR and IFR. This is a trivia! Once this question is answered right, there will be another question

I only know what they stand for, and I only have vague knowledge of what they mean. I think IFR means Instrument Flight Rules, which means that you navigate using your intruments, like radar etc. And VFR means Visual Flight Rules, which means that you navigate using landmarks and buildings etc. But these are just wild guesses.

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VFR | Visual Flight Rule

IFR | Instrucmnet Flight Rule


As pointed by the gentenlmen above//

IFR- Instrument Flight Rules which allow u to constantly navigate and communicate with fellow pilots and controllers…it is often used in jets and involvement of other ppl being…once again u use ur vital instruments to navagate and publish ur self to the airport…

VFR- Visual Flight Rules- self explanatory that this is used majory to establish among a limited amount of space etc…it is usually with small/ga Ac…there are a set of norms to ve practised while following this( right of way, traffic reports etc)

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IFR- I follow Roads.
(I kid)

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Max&GoogleSez. There are two sets of rules for flying any aircraft: VFR and IFR. VFR stands for Visual Flight Rules and IFR means Instrument Flight Rules. Depending on the weather conditions a pilot may opt for one set of rules or the other. There are a number of other factors that influence the decision but for simplicity’s sake it’s the weather that make you fly VFR or IFR. (See Google for a complete Tutorial)

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