Tripreport | UNI Air A321-200 | Taipei Songshan - Penghu Makung | Economy (Business Class Seat)

Hey IFC,
So a few days ago I flew on an uneventful 30 minute flight from Taipei to Penghu, but luckily I was able to snatch a seat in Business Class for free during check-in.

So, as I entered the terminal and was about to take photos, a policeman shouted at me saying, “No Photos!” in Chinese, so here is a photo from Wikipedia of what the airport looks like.

Check-in and boarding took place in the older Terminal 1, which is better than the old LGA at least. Check-in was entirely done by the self Check-in kiosks because of Corona, but then baggage drop was done manually by a Ground Staff which kinda defeats the purpose of this DIY to prevent the spread of Corona, but at least there aren’t a lot of cases here.

So, our aircraft today is an UNI Air A321-211 (B-16210) with winglets (I mean sharklets). Boarding took place 20 minutes before departure, and it finished within 7-8 minutes, and the flight was full.

Once onboard, I sat comfortably in my Business Class Seat 2A. Because of my Frequent Flyer Status with EVA Air, one of the crew members came by to ask if we would like to have any drink before departure, and I kindly declined.

So after boarding was completed, we immediately pushed back, but then some guy decided that it would be a good time to stand up right now, and get something from his bag in the overhead bin.

Alright, and for the sake of not letting the PR of China steal information about our largest airbase in Songshan according to our laws, I didn’t take any photos of the airport during takeoff just so I don’t have to face life imprisonment.

Alright, now that we are above the clouds, I can finally take some pictures. Here is a shot of somwhere over Yilan, the largest city in the Eastern part of Taiwan. The drink service also commenced now when we are still climbing. I got an orange juice.

So here is a shot of how little the seat reclines, which is less than that of EVA’s premium economy product, but at least I get to sit here for no extra cost.

5 minutes later over the county of Chunghua, our captain announced that our plane has started descending into Penghu.

Alright so here is a picture of the approach into Makung Airport. Because of the law I can’t take any pictures of this airport as well. So, our captain did a terrible landing due to strong crosswinds from the Northeasternly direction. We parked at our gate and disembarked.

Anyways thanks for reading this tripreport. I hope you enjoyed it.


Why was this flagged?

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I have no idea, seems like people hate me in this community, jk.


Hope you had a great flight.

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Yes, and the views were awesome. Especially when you haven’t flown in 6 months

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I flew Uni Air back in 2018 from Taipei to Macau! Definitely one of the cooler airlines. Great service and that was my first ever flight boarding via air stairs haha


Looks like EVA air

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It is EVA Air’s regional subsidiary


Oh the crew on that flight are from EVA Air, they just borrowed UNI Air’s plane

And we were on the same plane!

But when I was on B-16210, the plane already had the new livery.


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Yea, I see that, looks better now, the new winglets too!

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