Tripreport sub-category for RWA

As we all know, trip reports are very common within the IFC. A lot of times you would like to search for a tripreport but you find many results that are unrelated. So my proposition is that if a sub-category for #real-world-aviation focusing on trip reports and flight reviews. Could be implemented.

Nice tripreport by the way @SkyHighGuys

This feature would make it simple to find tripreports.

What do you think about this feature?
Comment below :)


I think this is a great idea!

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Oh yeah and it will really be useful when choosing an airline to fly with.

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Inspired by my Meta topic! But very nice idea!👏🏽👏🏽


I’m 100% with you on this. It is a really important part of the RWA category and could do with its own sub category!


Even it helps to keep the IFC (more) organized


Couldn’t agree more!

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No. We don’t need any more categories than we do already. This will just be unnecessary complication.

If come here to read trip reports, just search for them or look elsewhere on the internet surely?


If they’re going to be here - we may aswell keep them contained. So that people can choose to avoid them, if they so wish. I do agree with you ,however, but at this point I doubt they are going to be removed entirely!

It will be good to have various trip reports to compare before choosing an airline. This will make it more effective when choosing an airline instead of just relying on YT. Anyway, thanks for your comment. :)

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You will, surely, get a much larger range of trip reports on the internet (much less bias there as well). Surely, if you are choosing an airline you would go on purpose built trip review site/blog.

I enjoy reading reports like this but because of the purpose of this site/the volume we get it surely does not justify a new category for them.

Also remember if you make a category for them everyone will suddenly want to do one and the quality will go down. Just look at when they introduced the VA category, for example.


There is a website called They have good flight reports.


I’m aware of it. Thanks.

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I always wanted to post my TR on there. Yet I feel my TRs aren’t good enough to be posted on

Actually, I love to look some interesting TRs made by other users on there ❤

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I don’t really think this is necessary at this time. At the end of the day, this forum is dedicated for Infinite Flight; we love bringing aviation lovers together on one community, and for that we provide the RWA category with numerous sub categories.

As others have said, there are loads of other websites dedicated to trip reports, including a category on and the (pretty awesome) site that @Pilot8 mentioned above. To me, they seem like more appropriate places for trip reports than a forum for a mobile flight simulator.


It seems that it is not important now. Thanks everyone for the constructive comments about this idea :)

A mod can close the topic.

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Just wanted to say that I support this idea mate. Lookin good keep up the good work :)


This is a good Idea. We should definitely add this one ;)

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I can’t believe you didn’t see this one until then! Oh wait… only one day later. Thought you were slacking for Frontier! Lol

Crap it was your tripreport… lol