TRIPREPORT | Southwest (FO) | Montego Bay - Orlando | Boeing 737-800

Good afternoon from warm and sunny Montego Bay! Welcome to the second installment of my life as a SWVA Captain. Today I will take you along as I fly another one of our 737-800’s up to Orlando. We will be sitting on the right side of the cockpit and I will be the FO (First Officer) for the trip up to MCO.

Flight Information:
Flight Number: WN273
Airline: Southwest
Operated By: Southwest
Server: Expert (Beta)
Departure ICAO: MKJS
Arrival ICAO: KMCO
Departure Date and Time: Friday, December 16th at 4:00 PM EST
Arrival Date Time: Friday, December 16th at 5:58 PM EST
Total Travel Time: 3:39
Flight Time: 1:41

This is our aircraft, N8621A, a 2013-built 737-800 in the Heart livery. We will be departing from Gate 2 this afternoon.

Our seat, on the right side in the cockpit, gives us an amazing view of the scenery on all sides of the aircraft!

Bye-Bye Montego Bay

Ascending out of Montego Bay with Cabo Cruz, Cuba, in the distance!

Cruising at FL380 34 miles southeast of Clarence A. Bain Airport.

Beginning our descent down into Orlando 15 miles west-southwest of Palm Beach International Airport.

2-mile final into Orlando!


Taxiing to Gate 5 at Orlando International Airport in Orlando.

All parked up at Gate 96. My next destination may not be a destination much longer 😉. Hope you enjoyed today’s trip report.


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