TRIPREPORT Southwest 737-800 KPHX-KLGB

Hello All!

This was a trip I took a month and a half ago. About 53 days ago. This trip took us to Long Beach California from Phoenix Arizona flying a Southwest 737-800.

This particular -800 was a newer one only being 2-3 years old at the time of flying and thus sported the new “heart interior.” I do like the heart interior as it gives more legroom. I don’t have a problem with the seat itself. The headrest addition is a very nice touch.

Alright let’s actually begin this report.

I don’t have any pictures from the airport but holy damn was it busy. It was super open pre-security but one you passed security, it was a night and day difference. Shoulder to shoulder people, all the seats were taken, so my brother and I were forced to stand in the middle of the walk path for 40 minutes until our flight boarded. I guess southwest just enjoys having all their flights depart out of the same concourse at the same time.

anyway that didn’t bother me much because everyone had a mask on and it’s good to see people traveling again.

Soon enough it was time to board. Our flight was relatively empty and weren’t letting people sit past the wing because of the amount of open seats.

Our fairly new ride for the evening.

On a side note. This is why I LUV southwest. The gate agent put a heart on my boarding pass

Alright, after boarding I snatched this killer wing view.

There was also no one else behind me. I was the farthest person back on the plane lol.

Soon we pushed, FAs did the safety briefing to the non-existent passengers behind me, @brody_swiatekand we made a quick taxi over to Sky Harbor’s 25R.

We were cleared for departure and we thundered down the runway. I’ll upload the takeoff footage on to YouTube later and put it here. It was windy with a right-quartering headwind of about 17kts so there were some aggressive aileron inputs.

We took the KEENS2 departure out of Phoenix this evening as we made our quick 1 hour flight to Long Beach.

The sunset was beautiful as we climbed out over the same desert scenery I’ve seen 500 times before.

We neared our cruising altitude and the FAs started the service. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Southwest had finally brought back drink selection again. Which includes:
Diet Coke
Regular Coke

I chose the regular coke because I was happy they finally brought back something other than water.

This is living the True LUV life

We were soon beginning our descent over Palm Springs. By now the sun was almost gone.

Passing by whatever that big mountain in Palm Springs is. Looks like it still had some snow on it too.

Now as we approach Long Beach, it was dark now and trying to take a regular picture would cause a reflection in the window. So don’t mind this one

We made a decently smooth approach into LGB and then floated and went down and floated again and then plop on the runway. Aggressive reverse thrust and braking was used so we could take the proper taxiway turnoff.

I did record the landing so I’ll get that soon published over here as well.

As we taxied in, we sat for at least 10 minutes before finally pulling into a gate. We were so speedy the ground crew wasn’t ready for us yet.

We parked 2 spots down from a Hawaiian A321NX that was resting for the night.

We parked and then de-boarded via airstairs which is super fun

We walked into the basically closed terminal as were were the 3rd to last flight to land that night.

Half the terminal is outdoors and it was pretty chilly.

Anyways that concludes the flight. It was a super fun and enjoyable flight. The FAs were happy, flight was smooth, service was awesome, everything was clean, and the snacks were awesome!

Absolutely nothing to complain about!

Thanks for making it to the end of the review. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, ask away below!

Thanks again!


The LUV Airline delivers again! It may not be a mainline carrier, but I’ve never really been disappointed with Southwest. Nice Trip Report!

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Great trip report! Just make sure nothing personal is on that boarding pass 😉

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It’s been nothing but fun every time I’ve flown! Thank you!

Thanks! It’s just my name so it’ll be fine. I think…


your eyes in the reflection look so focused on taking a good pic 😂 nice trip

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Quality over quantity 😂


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San Jacinto lol

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I changed the boarding pass pic.

Happy now lol

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Was it below 80? Lol jk
It’s a cool airport
Like going back in time to what every SoCal airport used to be. Except the new terminal, used to board right at the old control tower until they built this one

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I do like LGB airport. Flew in and out of there back in March when I went to Hawaii. The main terminal where check in is at LGB looks so nostalgic. Always gotta love boarding and deplaning via a ramp or stairs

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No it was middle March

It was like 63 lmao

I know! Except for 15 minutes the fire alarm kept going off lol.

Also 2 places were open for food and the lines were long.

At least they were open
Don’t expect anything with first flights in the morning lol
They had one store with random stuff like gift shop and vending machine food that was open. AT 6AM AND NOTHING WAS OPEN

This was at 1pm during lunch

One true restaurant was open and it was only a burger

Well at least they had that lol
Reason why AA calls in a Municipal airport 😂

I thought I was in Hawaii 😂😂

Awesome! Keep it up

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The same thing happened to me in Phoenix, There was nowhere to sit since people were putting their bags on the seats next to them, and don’t even get me started on the outlet situation, they had probably 5 outlets all in awkward spots, anywhere I went to plug my phone in, some little kid would just stare into my soul as I fly on Infinite Flight, some even asked “Can I try?” or “You have games?” and every time they asked that, I’d immediately walk away because I was about to be on an overnight flight and was not in the mood for squeaky little kids.

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Thank you so much! It does definitely give Hawaii vibes

As much as it does suck, it’s not the end of the world. At least you’re getting to fly.

It’s also good to see a lot of people traveling again

Plot twist: your on the southwest plane watching the southwest plane takeoff while you’re on the plane and watching the southwest takeoff.