At least no one died

I will say the armrest is small and the back is a bit hard but the lights are so cool! I don’t know how anyone could hate the fancy lights! Anyway

Uh oh you just made @AviationFreak very angry


But awesome trip report. Just an FYI though: their -700’s are their best

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Thank you! The -700s are definitely softer and easier to land but the -800s feel more roomy

The mood lighting I love. It’s just the super bright white lights with the all white interior that bugs me

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They may feel more roomy, but they are not in the slightest. Just my opinion though

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I think it looks very modern and sleek but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I agree and disagree.

I think most modern interiors look cheap and uncomfortable.

I think SWA’s best interior was their Canyon Blue interior from the early 2000’s. Their Evolve interior wasn’t bad either

Agreeable, but the head rest was the best part. The Canyon Blue interior definitely I will say is more comfy but I wish it had a head rest.

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Nice trip review. Ive flown standby on WN before and it was honestly an amazing experience. It sucks that my airport’s WN service is limited and there aren’t many, if any, open seats to fly standby on.

I’ll be in Phoenix next Saturday for a week while I’m on vacation and am also headed to John Wayne as well.

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Thank you! It’s kinda funny because while they call all the other boarding groups you just stand there and then you board and everywhere else is empty 😂

Hope you get a better landing at John Wayne than I did!

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That is a very good trip report!

Keep it up!


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Thank you my very kind birb friend!


Fair enough 😁

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Ok, I’m flying to Reno on their 737-700 and I have some questions. Did they only serve snack mix, or did you have options to choose between that and pretzels and more snacks? Also, did they only serve water or did they offer all of the normal free drinks?

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casually ignores how most Southwest planes are ETOPS anyway

great tripreport, cant wait to fly again.

Its only snack mix and water unfortunately. The snack mix is amazing though.

Nope, only a handful are ETOPS since Hawaii flights are a fairly recent addition.