Hey IFC! So yesterday I took a flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor (KPHX) to Orange County John Wayne (KSNA) also known as @anon74260613 and @Thunderbolt territory as well which they so kindly gave me approval to travel through. So this is the trip report of that flight!

Alright we just got to the airport. The excitement is building a lot now.

And after a quick little jot through security with like 7 people in line we were into the jostling hustle and bustle of concourse C. I mean it was packed which is a really good sign. Our flight today took us out of gate D2, which was one concourse over. So we needed to walk a little bit, no rush though, we had 45 minutes until boarding. As we walked across to concourse D, we saw our aircraft. A shiny and glimmering Boeing 737-800 in Southwest’s Heart Livery. This aircraft was also an ETOPS aircraft which gives it special permission to fly to Hawaii or over large bodies of water.

This gave me excitement because it meant we might have a better chance at getting SWAs new interior which I have never gotten before.

So we got to the gate and I walked over to the big windows that overlook the 1000 foot marker of the 25 runways and watched some planes takeoff from the 7s. So they flew just above us.

Anyways it’s time to board, and yes there are social distancing markers on the floor and the gate agents did tell us to practice social distancing. So since we flew stand-by, we were literally the last people to board and luckily there were a few rows open in the back. And look! We got the new interior! Wooooo! I’ve been wanting to try this forever! Too bad it’s only for the one hour flight though. And the fancy lights up top are really cool too.

Anyway, soon it was time to pushback. Also, all the middle seats are open unless you’re traveling with 3 people in which you can have a whole row. And I gotta say, the headrest is awesome, it’s so easy to sleep and rest your head. We had a long taxi to the other side of the airport. And we soon thundered down runway 7L and off to Orange County!

Flight time today is a mere 53 minutes cruising at an altitude of 30,000 feet. As we made a big arcing right turn I looked out the window of the rapidly descending Phoenix below. It was then when I realized how much I love flying.

We were soon over the blank desert of Arizona. The Flight Attendants soon passed out some Snack Mix and water. I took the snack mix because it’s super good. Seriously, you have to try it.

All too soon we started descending into OC. We flew over some hills and then it was just pure houses. We soon we’re on final into SNA

We descended somewhat bumpy and crossed over the 405 Freeway at about 100 feet and slammed into 20R. @anon74260613 can confirm this because he saw the video. It was bad. Probably the worst landing I’ve felt. But that’s kinda expected because Orange County has a short runway so you kinda have to get it down fast. Anyway, we exited the runway where the FA said some funny comments about the landing. “Well we just hit Orange County- I mean landed.” And “Please stay seated until the captain brings the aircraft to a screeching halt- I mean complete stop.” We taxied by endless numbers of private jets and pulled up into the gate right on time.

I was sad to leave the new interior aircraft and we deplaned into a really deserted airport. I mean, this place was dead. There was a handful of people and that was it.

So we got off and I just watched planes through the large windows at SNA. We now had 2 hours in the ground until our supposed flight to Denver. But I’ll save that for the next report.

Anyway, I can only say good things about this flight! PHX did really well with social distancing and the FAs constantly reminded to social distance and stuff. Everyone wore their masks and the plane was really clean and the snack mix was legendary. Orange County had social distancing markers and they constantly reminded about that stuff too. So, did I feel safe? Of course! I would totally recommend to fly again because it’s safe and fun!

Anyways, that’s it for this one and I’ll see you for the next leg! That report will come tomorrow!

Have a great day!


Amazing trip report! It is very interesting on what different airlines are doing because of the pandemic.

Thank you very much! Yeah only Southwest and Delta that I know off are currently blocking middle seats.

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No problem. I think JetBlue and Alaska Airlines are doing variations of blocking seats. JetBlue is doing middle seat blocking on large aircraft, and blocking isle seats on smaller aircraft.

Ah cool! Glad that other airlines are doing the same.

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I guess Allegiant, American, Frontier, Spirit, Sun Country and United are no longer blocking seats.

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I don’t know if it’s because the cases are going down, or because they are losing revenue by limiting seats from their flights.

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Yeah I heard. American and United aren’t blocking them. Which they should be doing because it makes people feel a lot safer.

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Definitely. I feel like more of the legacy carriers should be taking charge of the situation by ensuring near to total heath safety inside the aircraft. I think I heard of some airlines are reserving whole rows for each passenger aboard.

Whole rows for each passenger is a bit much I would say. Leaving the middle seat open is perfectly fine for me. But I do agree that the bigger carriers need to be blocking the middle seats.

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Totally agreed. I really don’t like the airlines sacrificing safety for revenue. I understand where they are coming from because almost everything is money and business, but the customer’s safety is more important.

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Ehmmm…Thunderbolt territory, too?

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Oops sorry, I’ll put ya up there

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Great trip report! (Only because of the destination) lol jk
And I have never seen my airport so empty 😭

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Not the landing though 😂

It was really sad to see how empty it was


You try buttering there. You either land or go around lol

There was no attempt at a flare whatsoever

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Ok well this happened when a plane tried to go around at KSNA

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That’s what the landing felt like ngl

I don’t know about you, but I HATE SWA’s new interior with a burning fiery passion. It’s WAY to bright, the LED lights are an eyesore, the new seats are slimline and very uncomfortable, I think the headrest is annoying.

Its just very SUPER low quality for me