TripReport SEA-ORD on the Delta 220

Hi everybody, today I will be flying the Delta A220-300 Aircraft to Chicago O’Hare.

Flight info: Delta BCS3; Expert Server; Cruising Alt. FL37; 3:40min flight time.

My plane just arrived at the gate. It’s very icy here in Seattle

Beautiful wing view during taxi

Just took off!

I Slept for most of the flight but we just started descending.

A stunning sunset and a FDXVA Group Flight

Just landed on Runway 28C!

At the gate, thanks for reading!

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Thank you so much!


favorite photo

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Whoops, better change that.

Hey there!

Great photos! I always love flying the A220 - its a really fun aircraft!

However, there is one issue and it’s with Photos #1, 2 and 5 - they break this category rule:

All HUD views, sidebars, display names and boxes must be hidden

Please either remove them or retake them using the replay screenshot feature (which is how you should be taking your screenshots for these sort of topics).

Have a great rest of your day
~ Ben “BennyBoy_Alpha”


my man has the eyes of a hawk

anyways, great pictures @YC-International

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Amazing trip report @YC-International!

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Nice trip report! I flew this flight with an A220-100 a few years ago.

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