TripReport SAN-LAS - Spirit A320-232

Hello guys! My friend just moved to Vegas so I wanted to visit him, so my friends @United403 and @Butter575 joined along!

Route Info

Spirit A320
00 hrs, 45 mins

Once I got to the gate, I was busy on Facetime with my friend, but I hung up after boarding began, so once I was onboard, I snagged some pictures! Settled into my “Big front seat” numbered 2F.

After a bit of a lengthy taxi to runway 27, as we began to hold short a Frontier A320 doing the same flight as us being piloted by @Butter575!

“Spirit Wings 744 winds 280 at 11 runway 27 clear for takeoff.”
and…Rotate! The buzz of these skittle engines was really something.

Once we got up to FL270 if my FR24 was accurate, one of our FA’s came around and asked if we wanted anything, I ended up getting a Sprite, a can of Pringles, and some Oreos. At this point the in-flight wifi was available, so I purchased it for $2.99!

While we were cruising, I opened FR24 and went to look at KSAN’s departure board to see if any of our arrival info could be displayed.
(made this in google slides and the picture creds are given.)
Screenshot 2023-06-17 162057

Then we began our descent into Sin City. Sadly around here I ran out of sprite and was just eating the ice left in my cup.

I tuned into to hear our pilots communicate with ATC on arrival, and quicker than I expected, we were touching down! Sadly @Kamryn nor @Klas892 could spot me arriving. The landing was right in between right on time and a tad bit late, and a bit rough.

Once we exited the runway and began crossing 26R, I snapped this pic with the FR A320 featured in this post, seconds from touching down with @Butter575 in the left seat.

As we were pulling into the gate, the aircraft also inbound from SAN, another Skittle A320 was pulling into the gate next to us! Turns out as we deboarded, @United403 was aboard that plane!

Once @United403 and I said hi and parted ways, I took a second to take a picture N619NK that flew us here!

Thanks for reading this trip report, and have a great rest of your day! I’ll be flying another flight tomorrow!


And yet he caught mine bc we are bro’s

Amazing trip report! Glad to have joined


guess he had to go lol, but thanks for coming along!


Nice shots! Im planning on doing a tripreport reviewing Spirit vs Frontier from MIA → ATL and back

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I coulda spotted ya. 😢😢

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how did i quote the entire thing lol

damn my bad i thought you were busy with gwen, miles and hobie ☹️

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Can’t forget about me. 😂


so many vegas inhabitants 😧 ill include you all in my next one, coming 6/18/23


How was the FR24 thing made?

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well i found the IRL flight on the departure board in FR24, took it into google slides, covered details and changed them into the IF ones, and found a pic of the plane in IFC and made that like jetphotos