-TRIPREPORT- Raleigh-Durham to Houston IAH airport


server: Training
plane:737-8 United EVO
used flight resume

Welcome back to a Trip report! Today i’ll be starting a vacay flying to Houston first! We drove about 3 hours to Raleigh, so my girlfriend could go get more stanley’s and touchlands. She has too much of them now. Check-in went smooth, while [spoiler] the end of the day didn’t.

We boarded the aircraft and the jet bridge disconnected. I’m already feeling an open door today. Ofc, like always, my girlfriend starts to contemplate 🤔 life again. Happend on the missionary trip, which went good!! I could not do the reviews due to some other things

We started pushback/ taxi very soon, and the flight attendants were doing there safety thing. Looks like we’ll have a cool flight today. When we get back to Hertford in Two weeks, I’m taking Gf to Austria 🇦🇹(i’m austrian), and she is jewish (same in irl) and she is taking me there!!!

Once we start taxi, we get to the runway very quickly. The only reason we are sitting in the “{UN} touch{ABLE}s” section (joke btw) Is cause we are sitting Buisness/First for the rest of the trip. We like the view back here, anyways. We start to line up on 23R

The plane was not really that full, supporting the idea that all of them are on a 737-MAX9 and we are on a 737-8, that leaves about 2Hours before the MaX9. When we took off, it was a littile unstable, like joe biden and stairs (A JOKE).

Once we get to cruising altitude of 36,100 Ft, We get catering service. Me and my gf shared a salad, and got two glasses of water. It was actually delicious!

About Two hours later, We start our descent. I am excited for Houston airport, since i’ve only been to William.P.Hobby. My girlfriend is worrying, like always. SHES TRYING TO FIND MORE STANLEYS!

Around 7,000 feet, we start to see a closer look at farmland and land and more land. We are around 20 miles from the airport, is what the pilot said. We are expecting a good time at IAH, but some stuff occur.

Now we are on final on 26L, kind of low. I like this approach so far, but my girlfriend is uncomfortable sitting near this creepy-looking guy. Those type of people are always the people who have like 4 million miles in United mileage plus.

Now, The one thing i have to present to you guys. This was the worst freaking landing i have ever seen, experienced, and even felt bad!. This was worst than ryanair, and i think we are actually hurt from that landing. We are never flying with a 737-8 ever again, cause it’s always a bad landing. And if you though i was over exaggerating, you won’t think when you see this!

About 10 minutes later, We are at the gate ready to de board. Then guess what, We can’t cause a Jetbridge malfunction??? Makes ZERO sense.

Then we don’t get our luggage till TWO hours later. It looked a littile beat up. Our baggage were pretty rigid, too. Our taxi driver was really rude, and started fighting with us talking bout the airport?? why does he care. Anyways, thanks for viewing!!!



737s aren’t designed for smooth landings

But nice report otherwise!


I would suggest adding a little more flaps on take off. Try 10-15


yeah, and thanks!

ok, i will

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That’s nice trip report, however the B737-800 is not designed for smooth landing lol

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yeah i know, but this was more than a bad landign

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Oh really, lol

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yeah, it was funny.

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DJW NC Seal Of Approval!

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you can NEVER have too many


i have a girl in my class that has like 15 combined


sounds like me…



boys can never have too much old spice, got you there lol