TRIPREPORT! PHX-SJC-OGG! Southwest Airlines 737 MAX 8

hi guys!

it’s that time of egg again.

When all you can tripreport is think about, come here.

Yesterday (for me). Now 2 days ago for everyone else. I flew to Hawaii. This is my first time ever coming here so I was a bit nervous. Ok I’ll start now

Anyway, we wake up at a bright and early 6am which the sun has already risen to load up our bags and just take ages to get ready and we’re leaving the house by 7am for our 9:40am flight. We wanted to go super early in case of long lines. Anyways we arrive at the Parking Spot 1 to park our car for 9 days which was cheaper than parking it at the airport and we catch a shuttle to the airport.

We were checking a total of 5 bags which every passenger is allowed 2 free checked bags so there was no worry there. Also the lines were very short. Unlike the American counter which was already stretching close to the outside doors. Classic American just having all their flights leave at the same time.

Anyway, we check our bags and are off to the gate, security had almost no one in it so that was a breeze and we were soon at our gate 1:30 before boarding. We departed outta gate D2. The “D” concourse is the nicest SWA concourse offering floor to ceiling windows which you could watch the departures from. My brother and I did about an hour of planepsotting and then ate some breakfast.

Today’s aircraft was a 2 year old 737 MAX 8 which would take us to SJC and then onto OGG. It was soon time to board and we were at the end of the “A” boarding group. We boarded and I settled into a good wing view seat.

We soon pushed and started our long trek to our departure runway 7L. We turned onto the runway and made a quiet takeoff to the East and made a big right hand 180 to head west and then up the coast to SJC.

The ride was smooth today up to San Jose with the snake service consisting of the signature SWA Snack mix and one of four beverages. Coke, Diet Coke, 7-up and water. I did not get anything as I had a giant water with me already. gotta stay hydrated boys

View were pretty as we passed over Greater LA and started going north up to NorCal

I watched Sports Center and a re run of a football game from 2017 the whole time and before I knew it, we were descending.

There were a few occasional bumps on descent but it was super scenic and pretty.

Flaps were down, gear was down, we were set for landing. We made a smooth touchdown onto SJC’s 31L right on the touchdown markers and made a fast decel to exit the runway.

We pulled into our gate, de boarded, cause we had too, barely had enough time to grab chick fil a for lunch, and boarded right back on the same plane for Kahului. This flight was less than half full which means there was no one in the middle seat so I could stretch out a little bit. Also managed to score an amazing wing and engine view.

We finished boarding 20 minutes before our scheduled departure time but we didn’t go anywhere. We just sat there and waited until our departure time. Oh well. The captain announced it would be a short 5 hours and 4 minutes of flying time.

Now I have never been on a flight longer than 2:15 before. So going from that to 5 hours across the freaking Pacific Ocean was a huge jump. My anxiety wasn’t having it.

Ok back on to the story now. We finally pushed and listened to a heavenly engine start up and made our taxi to 31R for departure. We quietly thundered out of San Jose and made a sweeping right hand 270 to head out west over the Pacific Ocean

Once we left the coast I tried to distract myself by

  1. trying to sleep
  2. trying to watch tv

Number 1 failed miserably so number 2 it was.

I ate my chick fil a once we reached crushing altitude. (if you really want a picture of it, ask.)

Southwest does serve a “snack box” which consists of

Wheat thins (which were full to the max)

a packet of SW snacc mix

a packet of Welch Gummies which were the “island assorted fruits” one which is ironic cause we’re going to the islands.

Some fancy cheese spread I didn’t use.

And tic tac mints.

As well as a drink which were offered to be refilled throughout the flight.

I settled in for this flight and watched the ocean endlessly go by. It looked pretty smooth which was good in case we had to use the boat feature.

I watched a lot of movies and TV and some Netflix shows I downloaded. The flight felt like it was an eternity and I was overjoyed when I finally saw some land in the distance. I talked to @USA_ATC as he gave me updates of the weather in OGG, what planes were coming in behind us, as well as what planes were on the ground.

The captain announced it would be a bumpy approach which it wasn’t too bad. We finally came over Maui and made our super long downwind, to base, to final approach. Winds were out of the ENE at 25mph gusting to 32mph

We made (somehow) a decent touchdown into OGG and I was overjoyed to be on the ground again. We used the entire length of the runway and then were stuck behind a Hawaiian A321N for a few minutes.

No worries. I did did some spotting from the plane as we waited

We finally taxied into our gate and parked close to a United 772 in the Star alliance livery.

We de-boarded, walked through the open air “airport” I guess if that’s what you want to call it. Looked more like an open shopping center with jet noises. We got our rental car and headed off to our hotel/condo!

and that’s it for this long trip report!

It took 12 hours from when we woke up, to when we landed into Hawaii.

I hope you’ll join me again soon on the 17th when we make the journey back home.

Overall I would give these flights a 9/10. Service was great, seat was good, leg room was great. Nothing to complain about other than how long the flight was.

Thanks again for reading this super long story and see y’all later!

Mahalo from Maui


pls don’t use pictures without asking. Thanks


Nice trip report and great photos! I would love to fly the MAX someday.

Long flights can be a pain. I remember when I was going on a flight from London to Hong Kong as part of a school tour - I hadn’t been on a flight that long in well over a decade and lemme tell you…that was a drag.

Basically me at one point thinking “we must be 3 or 4 hours in when in reality it was only just over an hour 😡

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Looks like an awesome flight, you’re very lucky to be in Hawaii today. Wish I was there. Awesome photos as well!


My favorite Airline!

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Noice trip report!

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Thanks! I would definitely fly it again.

Yeah I’m not sure I’d be able to do that. I’d be so bored tbh

As well as being awesome, it’s also very long. Hawaii feels a lot like California also. Thanks!

The best airline!

thanks ATC_USA

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I’ve found my reason to fly Southwest. Not because of the Max 8 but because of the in flight snack it looked so good.

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No Clorox wipe with snacc to eat 😡


The snack bag thing is only on Hawaii flights if that’s what you’re looking for.

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Eh, I had my tongue

Clorox wipe is very tasty snacc. Nice trip report though, the MAX engine view is amazing


Favourite Wing view!

Lovely job on the report, love seeing the MAX pictures, and it’s Southwest, what is not to love!

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I love those photos so MUCH!!! I got one picture of the 737 max for Southwest…

(Definitely not as good as your photos)


Snake 🐍🐍

Yes please 😊

I wonder why it wasn’t displayed in knots… haha

Great report and photos! Also 5h isn’t that long, since
Time flies, especially when you’re on a plane!

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It was the east wing view! SWA is def the best out there, I was lucky enough to not have a bag under the seat in front of me and I was fully able to stretch my legs out. Keep in mind I’m 6’2 so that’s something.

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Thanks so much!

Hey at least you got one!!

My bad lmao

Here’s your chick fil a

I’ll change it just for you 😘 (Jkjk)

Thanks! 5 hours is a long time especially when you’re wide awake and can’t sleep


Nice pics! I hope you had a good flight those snacks looked good!

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Nice job Freak!

Now have a Freaky good time in Hawaii!

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If you took this picture 2 seconds later you would have had a bird’s eye view of the lake I was sailing on (where you probably saw me capsized reeee)

I like the pictures. Nicely done.

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I have a video on my GoPro of that turn. Lemme go find it