TripReport! PHX-DAL Southwest 737-700

Hey guys! Friday night I made the trek over to Dallas. So here’s a Tripreport of that flight!

For the first time in my personal history, we got to the airport with more than an hour before boarding. My family usually likes to give the least amount of time possible. So I was finally excited to get be earlier to have more time to walk around and spot.

The parking garage was completely full, which is a good thing. Airport was a lot less busy than the parking garage. Security was a breeze, lucky we got in when we did cause as soon as we got through the wait time jumped to 30+ minutes.

From parking into the garage to getting through security was about 10 minutes. Then I realized that our flight was delayed for an hour. That gave me 2:30 hours to kill at the airport, which was maybe a little more than I wanted to spend. Oh well, I did a little spotting and watched the PSA livery takeoff

After that I got bored and went and found a place to eat and settled with a chicken quesadilla from a small Mexican place. 9/10 would def recommend. I struggled to find a place to sit cause the concourses themselves were packed.

One gate change later and waiting for boarding to begin for 15 minutes, we were finally on the plane.

Shortly after that, we pushed back with a full airplane. Literally not one seat was open. We taxied out to PHX’s 25R and made a long and heavy departure west bound to shortly make a 180 to head east to Dallas

Soon after we reached out initial cruise of FL390. The FAs came around with the drink service and snacks. I chose the Diet Coke and it comes with the classic Southwest snack mix. I do not have a picture of that unfortunately.

The flight was uneventful with a few small bumps here and there an just over an hour later we started our descent into the Dallas area

Bonus points if you can spot Dallas Ft Worth airport.

We made a windy and bumpy approach down to DAL’s runway 13L and made a fast decel to exit the runway

Pictures weren’t as clear due to it being almost midnight when we landed.

We then proceeded to sit on the ramp for over 20 minutes waiting for our gate to open up. We didn’t end up pulling into Gate 5 until after 12am. We exited the aircraft into DAL’s pretty modern and nice terminal

Despite it being past midnight, there were quite a few other flights pulling in making DAL busy with exiting people.

We ended up getting to the hotel after 1am and we all went directly to sleep.

All in all, even being all snug together on a full -700, it was a routine and enjoyable flight by SouthBest despite the 1 hour delay.

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch y’all for the return trip to PHX!


Very nice tripreport @AviationFreak! :D

Thank you!

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Southwest never disappoints!!!
Question do they still do that thing during drink orders when they only have 4 options or did they restart regular snack & drink service?

Yes they still have the limited drink service but they have coffee now. So it’s technically 5 options

And still the same snack bag


Oh yes, did you have to give them a number one through 5 for drinks? I had to for my flight from to and from PDX this weekend lol

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Yeah I held up 2 with my fingers haha

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Amazing trip report! All my southwest people know how utterly scrumptious that Southwest snack mix is 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤


yes especially the pretzels and garlic crackers in it

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Thanks! I think everyone loves the SWA snack mix

I wish I could get more

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Amazing right! 😍

I always save one🤤lol

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