TripReport KLAX-KMCO (tips)

Hey there! so im going on vacation in July, Los Angeles to Orlando. Now i wanna make a trip report but im not too
sure how to. Anyone have tips? I’ll be recording off of my phone which is an Iphone13 pro max. Thanks!


Be sure to take note of the registration of your aircraft!

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Make sure to record outside the window for more than just takeoff and landing. If it’s pretty, which LAX-MCO usually is over the desert and the gulf, video for a sec.

In general just video a lot of things, way more than you think you should. Then you’ll have material to filter through. I have tried to do this a few times and always never had enough content.

Also keep a tab in your notes app to add notes about what happened during the flight, you won’t remember every detail.

Make a list of the things you want to capture the most out of all things.


Try your best to get the window seat because it’s just a lot easier

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definitely got it. very back row 36 or something.

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alright cool, thank you!

What airline and aircraft are you flying on btw?

delta airlines!

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